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My name is Edgar Sherman and I want to protect the lives of those who give their lives for our country.

I was determined to become Force Recon or SF/SOF. I was going to take a break from my academics and enlist with my best friend. There was only one thing holding me back and that was my esophagus. I had been struggling to eat certain foods as I found myself choking almost daily. After years of this, I finally found a doctor who was able to understand what I have: Eosinophilic Esophagitis. This immediately disqualified me from any form of military service. Which hit hard.

It took time but I was able to find my new direction. If I couldn’t protect those serving by fighting alongside them I was going to put my drive for design and the military together.

I have now worked two internships Ops-Core helping design helmets for ground forces. Surrounding myself with amazing, talented people there I have contributed to the latest helmets with future designs yet to be released.

I have been building relationships with former CAG operators, Navy Seals and amazing people in the SF and SOF community. With their support and help, my designs and effort to protect people have become more and more real.

I’m giving this life my everything, my designs released now may be small but as I’m able to save more money I’ll be able to invest into ideas that I believe will help save lives and revolutionize the way good design is involved within the military and law enforcement community. I’m not here for anything but the service and drive to protect those who protect our freedoms.  – Edgar


Ballistic Advantage

I have been using a 16″ Hansen Barrel in my RECCE rifle build for over a year now. After my research into BA, personal experience with their product and talking with their head of marketing about where BA is going, I was excited at the opportunity to work together. Something that the team at BA is trying to do is get their work into the hands of quality people who are genuine shooters. This is important to me because I set the same goals for ESD. I came into this industry with the goal of helping make the best equipment and information available to end users.

Finding people and companies that are looking to provide quality products for their customers is extremely important to me. An expression you may see my write or hear my talk about is Experience Shaping Design. What this means to me is learning from experiences and taking that information we’ve collected to shape designs into something made with a purpose that excels at its job. It’s important to take experiences from everyone and learn from them. I designed the ESD sling from personal experience along with experience from civilians, police officers, and different levels of military personnel. During this, I relied on constructive criticism to help me refine my designs and improve. BA acknowledged this concept openly and asked for constructive criticism and feedback. Knowing that they were open-minded to such conversation showed to me that they are looking to grow and refine their work. I say all of this because I believe its important to know who you support and why. ⁣