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ESD Target

This is a multipurpose target with one of its primary intentions being creating your own drills. I have a series of drills that can be run from this target to challenge your memory, cognitive processing, accuracy, speed etc.


My goal is to release a new drill every week on social media using this target. The drills will be created not only by myself but by users with the intent of challenging people in different ways. Tag or email in whatever challenge you create. Push your creativity to find new ways of using this target. 

Download Here

How an Eotech works

A laser diode is directed to a mirror then to a collimating reflector, this then is directed to a holographic grating, of which shapes the reticle. Because of this system, the reticle is not projected onto any glass giving it the benefit of having almost no parallax. This means that no matter your angle the reticle will be pointed where your round will impact(if sighted properly). These photos help demonstrate that the reticle is not actually projected onto the lenses as there is no distortion when you look past the water. If the projection was on the lense there would be a visual distortion of the reticle.