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The ESD EFG (Enhanced Fore Grip) was designed to ease end-users ability to control their rifle, mitigate recoil and have faster more accurate follow-through. From the angle of the ESD EFG to the width, its made with human-centered design in mind. Its angle allows your wrist to be better aligned with your forearm thus strengthening your overall grip. The width of the ESD EFG fits perfectly with the length of the proximal flange of a users hand. This is important because it means your fingers are getting a more consistent and reliable grip than that of standard rifle grips. The ESD EFG has grooves all along the main curve and on the back of the grip. This allows for more consistency when your hands are wet or while wearing gloves. The grooves and the flat wall on the back section of the ESD AFG allow for more stability in unconventional shooting positions and on barricades. The hook on the bottom of the ESD EFG helps maintain a consistent placement of your hand without the risk of slippage during sustained fire. The hook also benefits the end-user when utilizing barricades to help capture and stabilize the rifle. 


The ESD EFG is made up of a Nylon material designed to withstand significant amounts of force and high temperatures. The material is known for taking abuse and when broken it tears vs cracking. This is important because if you do manage to damage your EFG it won’t be rendered useless and will allow you to finish the job at hand. 


The ESD EFG is also compliant with AR pistols and is not classifed as a vertical grip.


This does not currently come with hardware and is only available to attach to M-Lok. Official Magpul M-Lok approval pending. 


Linked below is a source for hardware.