ESD/Bald Bros Merino Wool Beanie


In collaboration with Bald Bros we bring to you the ESD topo merino wool beanie. Each beanie is made of 100% merino wool and 100% high-quality premium handcrafted leather.

*Each patch is intentionally and uniquely different, some have more topo lines and some have less, we will not offer exchanges because the topo lines you received weren’t what you wanted or are different than the photos online. Maps are naturally unique and so are these beanies!*

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In collaboration with Bald Bros we bring to you the ESD topo merino wool beanie. Each beanie is made of 100% merino wool and 100% high-quality premium handcrafted leather.
What makes these beanies so special? Well, there are actually a lot of reasons! To start let’s talk about the patches. Each patch is hand sewed, treated, and inspected by the spiciest water boys(Bald Bros). They all have a unique section of topo lines on it that come together to create a large topo map. Every patch is completely different aside from the ES logo in the center in that no topo line is repeated. This provides you with something completely unique and your own. ESD was founded on the idea of experience shaping design, those experiences come from a collective. We all bring something unique to the table and together we can create something far better than we could as individuals. Bald Bros believes in the same mission set so working together was a no-brainer. Be part of the ESD journey and sport a unique piece of the puzzle.
Now to the hats and why they are better than any synthetic beanie you’ve ever owned. Made from 100% merino wool you are going to get some benefits no other materials can provide. Merino wool is a naturally thermoregulating material. What that means is that this beanie will help keep you at just the right temperature when you’re in extreme cold temperatures or while you start to heat up during exercise as it will expel excess heat. Merino wool is porous and naturally moisture-wicking meaning if you start to sweat it’s going to get that sweat away from your body to help prevent any moisture build-up leading to hypothermia or worse in severe weather conditions.
Merino wool is also naturally going to fight odors in that it has an antibacterial effect. The keratin(protein) in merino wool fibers helps breaks down the odor-forming bacteria, so you won’t have to wash your beanie often at all as it’s naturally fighting bacteria. Simply let your beanie dry when you can and it will be good to go! This means for anyone deployed, on a backpacking trip, in the field, ski trip, etc. that you won’t have to worry about your beanie getting full of bacteria and starting to smell because you can’t wash it.
Merino wool is naturally UV protectant as it will naturally absorb UV rays, something we often forget in the winter so this will help prevent sunburns when you’re not even thinking about it. These ESD/BB Merino wool beanies can be worn around the fire without the risk of melting or catching flame. Merino wool is also extremely durable, soft to the touch, and hypoallergenic so you don’t have to worry about next to skin contact or allergies.
All in all these beanies are going to keep you at just the right temperature, protect you from smelling bad, getting sunburns and they will keep you looking like the badass you are. When you buy this product you’re buying numerous benefits and a unique product and style no one else can copy.
Cleaning care: If you’ve worn your beanie for a few months, earned a few buckets of sweat chopping down trees, traveling over 500 miles to lay your seed, and picking chiggers out of your body after Fuerzas Comando here’s what you need to do. To prevent shrinkage avoid exposure to high temperatures such as tumble drying your beanie, do not exceed 30°C/86° F. The ESD/BB Beanie will usually dry overnight if hung in a warm room. if possible on a specialized wool/ hand wash cycle. Beanies can also be hand washed at cool temperatures. Bald Bros and Edgar Sherman Design are not liable for improper care so make sure you take care of your beanie as it’s one of a kind.
  • – Wash at low temperature on a gentle machine cycle
  • – Do not tumble dry
  • – Line/hang dry
  • – Do not wring to remove excess water
  • – Do not use bleach
  • – Do not use fabric softener
  • – Do not dry clean
  • – Use a cool iron avoiding patches
  • – Use a mild, non-biological detergent

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  1. David Barta (verified owner)

    Super comfortable hat and the unique Bald Bros logo patch is a great touch.

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