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We are currently a company of less than 20 people but are working on expanding and bringing on more talented individuals to build a great team that continues innovating and getting you the best equipment and information possible.

We are based out of Nashua NH.

Right now this is limited to government requests but we are looking into more customization options for individuals. ESD was founded around helping the individual so we are working on ways to do so without sacrificing current lead times. Send me an email or message on social media and I can give you a sense of what’s doable and potential timelines.

We do offer Military/LE discounts for individuals and for team/unit orders. If you are looking to make an order please email us with what you’re looking for, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you’re looking for a team order or for government purchasing please fill out the Dealer/Mil/Leo form in the upper right hand corner and or email. For T&E samples and all of the above information you can reach us at There are also a few personal discount codes in the wild for various instructors or supporters of ESD, it’s up to you to source them!

Absolutely! If you run into any issues please reach out to

If your order hasn’t shipped yet you can email us asking to cancel and you will be fully refunded. If your order has been shipped and left our facility you can no longer cancel your order. We accept returns within 30 days of purchase so long as there are no signs of wear on the product. Any orders returned after shipment will be refunded upon arrival and inspection of the product excluding shipping. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer for any cancellations or returns once the product has left our facility. Thank you for your understanding!

Everything on the website that’s in stock is currently shipping out within 24 hours if ordered during the week! We are restocking most items on a weekly basis so please don’t rush and make sure all your shipping information is correct. If you catch a mistake please email immediately as once an order is shipped there is very little we can do to assist. 

We currently restock all slings on a weekly basis. Unless its a specialty product or limited edition run it will typically be restocked within a week. We believe that our products are for everyone so we do our best to make them affordable and accessible. 

Absolutely, we have a system in place where you can sign up for an email notification to the specific product and color variation you’re interested in. When it restocks you’re emailed and notified! 

Not at all! Everyone is taken care of in a first come first served basis. I work in the order I receive orders and there are only two exceptions to this. The first exception is the materials I have or am waiting for. If for some reason I am waiting on parts/materials to get your order out I will finish orders with the parts/materials I have ready to go. The second reason would be if you are Military and are about to leave on deployment. I am a civilian and want to be treated equally as well but without soldiers protecting our freedoms we wouldn’t have the liberties we have so I do my best to ensure the safety of our soldiers.

This has been one of my biggest problems I faced early on in my companies start. To solve this problem I hired a very responsive and knowledgeable employee to help handle customer service. We respond to emails every day but sometimes there are large influxes of emails and it may take up to three days for a response. We check every morning to see about any cancellations or address changes to help prevent any issues before continuing any prior emails but cant guarantee it will always be seen in time so we ask that you verify your order is correct before submission. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

You can reach me on social media by clicking the icons in the bottom header or by using the contact me box below. My social media accounts are under Edgar Sherman Design and my email address is