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I am currently a one-man show for everything. I’m working on expanding and bringing on more help though!

I’m based out of New Hampshire but went to college in Boston, MA and visit frequently.

Absolutely, however, timelines are the biggest issue for things of the like. If its military/work related depending on the request I can work to speed times up! Send me an email or message on social media and I can give you a better sense of what’s doable!

I offer discounts for team/unit orders if you are looking to make a purchase please fill out the Dealer/Mil/Leo form in the link below. For T&E samples, please contact [email protected]. Personal discount codes are only run for special occasions, this is subject to change.

If you’ve received a tracking number it means your order has been made, packaged and will be dropped off at a USPS facility or picked up within a 24 hours of said notification. I have had some issues with my post office not updating packages into the system immediately so if its been over two business days please reach out to me and I will check in with them.

Everything on my website that’s in stock should be out the door within one week of your purchase unless otherwise stated! I am a one-man show and had more orders than I could handle on my own in the past so wait times were significantly extended. I’m close to caught up with all existing orders and everything in stock is made and ready to ship!

To prevent any long wait times on orders I’m doing a batch style system for the time being. What this entails is that I will make X number of products and release them on the website. When it’s gone it’s gone until my next batch is made up. This will be my operation for a lot of specialty items and temporarily for slings until I am able to have constant inventory. Send me an email or message on social media and I’ll give you an estimated timeline.

Absolutely, I’m working on a system to handle such information but for right now become a website member and I will notify you of product releases and restocks through here.

Not at all! Everyone is taken care of in a first come first served basis. I work in the order I receive orders and there are only two exceptions to this. The first exception is the materials I have or am waiting for. If for some reason I am waiting on parts/materials to get your order out I will finish orders with the parts/materials I have ready to go. The second reason would be if you are Military and are about to leave on deployment. I am a civilian and want to be treated equally as well but without soldiers protecting our freedoms we wouldn’t have the liberties we have so I do my best to ensure the safety of our soldiers.

This has been one of my biggest problems I’m trying to solve. I do my best to check my email every day and respond however I sometimes miss emails. If I’m answering emails I’m not sewing up orders and if I’m answering emails I’m not getting out orders. To solve this I will be going heavily through emails on every Tuesday and Thursday of the week. If you haven’t heard from me you can also reach me on Instagram @EdgarShermanDesign. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

You can reach me on social media by clicking the icons in the bottom header or by using the contact me box below. My social media accounts are under Edgar Sherman Design and my email address is [email protected].