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Edgar’s EDC Breakdown

One thing members of the team are asked weekly is “What do you guys carry for EDC?”. A person’s Everyday Carry items are specific to what someone needs to accomplish task throughout the day. We took the time to sit down with a few members of our team to take a look at what they […]

USASOC Sniper Competition

The U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School hosted the U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) International Best Sniper Competition on March 18-22, and the ESD Team made their way to Fort Liberty for the event. While at Fort Liberty the ESD team got the opportunity to meet with end users and […]

Jared’s MCX Breakdown

In today’s episode of Gear Talk, Jared breaks down both his MCX rifle builds, overviewing where it started and what it evolved into through years of training. Join Jared as he dives into the components of the builds and explains the why behind them.  Stay tuned for more videos of the like and please let […]

Pebble Grip: Product Overview

Like its big brother the Granite Grip, our Pebble Grip fuses ergonomic excellence with advanced manufacturing, now in a smaller form factor. Designed to optimize compact AR style rifles, the Pebble Grip, boasts a proprietary wrap-around texture for a secure hold, a reduced grip angle for precise shots, and a tapered body for unmatched comfort […]

Gear Talk: Darn Tough Socks

In this gear talk episode, Edgar breaks down why merino wool is a critical component in being prepared for different environments, and an overview of Darn Tough Socks, a Vermont-based company ESD recently started carrying. Edgar breaks down the different styles of socks and how to select the variations available through ESD for your mission, […]

Product Highlight: The Swivlah

The ESD Swivlah is a product that optimizes the way you work with your Safariland QLS system and thigh strap. In this video, Edgar breaks down the benefits and features of the product and overviews the installation process. This small piece of Tegris relocates your thigh strap and allows for freedom of movement using human-centered […]

Product Highlight: The Sap Bucket

The ESD Sap Bucket is our solution to all the problems our team and our end users experience with dump pouches. In this video, Edgar breaks down all the unique features of the Sap Bucket and why it should be a part of your kit, as well as how to install it.

Gear Talk: Breaking Down Edgar’s Belts

In our second episode of Gear Talk from ESD, Edgar breaks down his two belt setups, one catering to military training and the other to training on the range. In this video, Edgar overviews the why behind his choices so you can learn from his and his network’s experiences. Stay tuned for more videos of […]

Gear Talk: Edgar’s 12.3″ Rifle Breakdown

Welcome everyone to our first Gear Talk blog post. Today we are sharing our first Gear Talk YouTube video where Edgar overviews his 12.3″ rifle breakdown. Edgar overviews the why behind his choices so you can learn from his experiences. Stay tuned for more videos and blogs of the like and please let us know […]

ESD at the Sig Sauer Experience Center Grand Opening

On July 15 and 16 the Edgar Sherman Design team had the pleasure of attending the Sig Sauer Experience Centers Grand Opening event in Epping, New Hampshire. Over the two days we met with firearms instructors, competitive shooters, professional end users, industry partners, and most importantly our customers. In attendance was Edgar Sherman (Owner/ Industrial […]