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Product Highlight: The Swivlah

The ESD Swivlah is a product that optimizes the way you work with your Safariland QLS system and thigh strap. In this video, Edgar breaks down the benefits and features of the product and overviews the installation process. This small piece of Tegris relocates your thigh strap and allows for freedom of movement using human-centered […]

Product Highlight: The Sap Bucket

The ESD Sap Bucket is our solution to all the problems our team and our end users experience with dump pouches. In this video, Edgar breaks down all the unique features of the Sap Bucket and why it should be a part of your kit, as well as how to install it.

Gear Talk: Breaking Down Edgar’s Belts

In our second episode of Gear Talk from ESD, Edgar breaks down his two belt setups, one catering to military training and the other to training on the range. In this video, Edgar overviews the why behind his choices so you can learn from his and his network’s experiences. Stay tuned for more videos of […]