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we don't just make gear— we design solutions.

Through collaboration with end users, in field testing, and meticulous attention to detail, we strive to bring the best products we can to our customers.






The ESD Sap Bucket is our solution to all the problems our team and our end users experience with dump pouches. The ESD Sap Bucket is a dump pouch that aids in gear retention, increases consistency when inserting equipment, drains sand, water and snow rapidly, and can stow away in a compact package.

The ESD Magwell enhances your reloading with a purpose-driven flare. Every curve, every angle, every feature on the ESD Magwell is intentional and aligns with our mission to enhance a shooter’s capabilities using human-centered design.

The Edgar Sherman Design Sling, ESD Sling, was designed with purpose, research, extreme testing, and a collection of user experiences. The ESD Sling is adaptable to the end user. The ESD Sling is highly customizable to any rifle, sub-gun, shotgun, hunting rifle, bolt action, and PDW weapon system. The ESD Sling features an elastic regulator that allows the sling to stow against the side of your rifle.

Designed to fill the need for a camera strap with quick adjustment and storage capabilities, the ESD Camera Strap can be connected to any product with two mounting posts, cameras, binoculars, range finders, etc. The design features a quick pull tab for easy adjustment, and all the hardware is made of plastic which will not damage any lenses. The buckles allow for easy installation but also for mounting into backpacks or chest rigs.


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