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The Edgar Sherman Design Sling, ESD Sling, was designed with purpose, research extreme testing, and experience. The ESD Sling is adaptable to the end user. The ESD Sling is highly customizable to any rifle, subgun, shotgun, hunting rifle, bolt action and PDW weapon system.

  • Black
  • Coyote Brown
  • MultiCam
  • MultiCam Arid
  • MultiCam Black
  • MultiCam Tropic
  • Ranger Green
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The Edgar Sherman Design Sling, ESD Sling, was designed with purpose, research extreme testing, and experience. The ESD Sling is adaptable to the end user. The ESD Sling is highly customizable to any rifle, subgun, shotgun, hunting rifle, bolt action and PDW weapon system. There are two adjustment sections on the ESD sling. A rear adjustment section to fit the ESD sling to your body size and additional gear. And a quick adjust section to loosen or tighten the sling while in use. The ESD Sling adjustment system is more adaptable to natural body movement and body mechanics. The 1-inch width of the ESD sling has less friction then wider slings and allows the ESD sling to move across your body without resistance.

The ESD sling has an elastic regulator preventing webbing from twisting or jamming when adjusting. This system also allows the sling to be folded up on itself and stored tightly to the weapon system. This feature is great for patrol vehicle storage or bag/pack/case storage. Simply pull on the ESD Sling to deploy the sling to its full length.

Key Features

  • NEW ESD Pull Tab featured on all slings! Enhanced grip for easier adjustability.
  • Quick adjust moves naturally in both opening and closing
  • Super lightweight
  • Streamline design
  • Can fold into itself and quickly be released from storage
  • Hand made in the USA
  • Berry compliant materials
  • 20+inches of adjustment in the rear section of the strap
  • Open Ends: This means that you will have an ITW triglide on each end of the sling to secure your attachment method. You could add any connection method for your rifle that you’d like and if needed trim the sling to your size (this is standard on most rifle slings).

What is currently available is in stock and will ship within one to five days.

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Black, Coyote Brown, MultiCam, MultiCam Arid, MultiCam Black, MultiCam Tropic, Ranger Green

17 reviews for ESD Sling

  1. Tyson Grona (verified owner)

    A Huge improvement with the self-contained sling and gross motor skill pull loop. Time will tell, but this may replace all my other slings.



  2. Anthony Chirillo (verified owner)

    Minimal, comfortable, and super easy to adjust. This is literally the best sling I have ever owned/used. Honestly, I can’t see myself buying or using anything else. Also, for anybody wondering, Slingster < ESD sling. Stop looking for other slings and pull the trigger on this one. You won’t regret it.

  3. John (verified owner)

    Dead Edgar Sherman Design. I really like this sling. The best feature of this sling, and all your slings is the is the ability to adjust it’s length to suit your needs.So simple but effective rugged and light. Thank You!! Good Job!

  4. Joe Assad (verified owner)

    Fully Functional, fast, and secure. I love mine, ordering a second.

  5. Ryan (verified owner)

    Love the sling. Slides both ways without having to fight any clamping mechanism first. Very slim and smooth design.

  6. PewPew So Hard (verified owner)

    absolutely great sling! i have many slings but this is definitely that best! and on top of it all the delivery turn around was super fast! needless to say you just got a lifetime customer

  7. William Ingwerson (verified owner)

    Great works as advertised. Comfortable and durable

  8. Robert C. (verified owner)

    The best no hassle minimalist sling out there!

  9. John C. (verified owner)

    Simple and effective. Will be replacing the slings on the rest of my rifles with the ESD. I love how easy it is to adjust and the added elastic band makes it easy to store in the vehicle or safe. Great quality and fast shipping.

  10. Nick (verified owner)

    Minimalist sling. Very slick and effective. Nothing to snag and catch on your kit. Very well thought out design

  11. ratmichards (verified owner)

    Take it from a real operator
    (crane operator)…
    I used to put M1 style slings on everything.
    Then I started doing tacticool shit, and watching YouTube videos, and I watched Sicario so you can consider me an expert.
    I anguished over this purchase. I looked at all the options and now that I have my ESD Sling in hand I know I made the right choice. It functions exactly as described and fit & finish justifies the cost. There’s a LOT of sling choices out there and I’m sure plenty of quality ones to chose from but for now I will beam with pride the next time I cinch my carbine to my body when I bend over to snatch a cold beer out of the cooler…. see you at the apocalypse!

  12. Robert (verified owner)

    Just received my two ESD slings, Love the quality, very well thought out with my favorite thing is how light and comfortable it is not to mention it looks absolutely great on my rifle. I will be buying more for other builds.

  13. Damon Block (verified owner)

    Best sling I own. I recommend it to everyone. It is the easiest adjusting sling I have ever used five stars don’t even do it justice…

  14. David Kikukawa (verified owner)

    Simply THE sling.
    Don’t settle for anything else.

  15. Jeff Scheider (verified owner)

    I love the simplicity of this Sling. It just works. I used to think I liked a padded sling, but after a while, it would dig into your collar and be uncomfortable. I love the slider on this sling as well. I have had other slides and twist and it’s a nightmare to untwist. I’m planning on adding these to all of my rifles moving forward.

  16. Justin Alvarez (verified owner)

    Never buying any other sling brand ever again. It’s fantastic.

  17. Chad (verified owner)

    Minimalist, simple and very light. I highly recommend this sling but if you have a heavier rifle setup that has to be carried for an extended period of time, a sling with a pad and/or wider strap may be more comfortable. However, for 90% of applications and setups – this sling functions great. Will be buying more…

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