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The ESD Paracord Guide is a simple lightweight solution for attaching your ESD Sling to your firearm with paracord. The set provides a light, quiet, durable, and modular mounting system all while increasing the reliability of your paracord.

Each order includes two paracord guides and two 18″ pieces of Mil-Spec 550 Paracord.

(13 customer reviews)

Using paracord to connect your sling to a firearm is a lightweight, durable, quiet, field maintainable, repairable, modular, and affordable method. The main downside we’ve experienced with this method is that the overhand knot used to tie the paracord is bulky, often untucks from under the sling, gets caught in certain gaps on your stock, and when exposed from under the sling can untie over time. We set out to solve these problems and in doing so designed the ESD paracord guide.

The ESD Paracord Guide allows you to connect your ESD sling to your rifle with paracord and maintains a smaller profile knot that is tucked away and contained within the webbing of your sling. By having the knot stored securely in the paracord guide you no longer have to worry about the knot coming loose over time or untucking from the slings webbing and catching on anything and/or wearing into your neck.

The ESD Paracord Guides are made using the same trusted materials and processes as our Enhanced Foregrips (EFGs) and like all our products are made here in the USA. The ESD Paracord Guide has two claws that ensure your paracord guide and knot remain consistently tucked in your slings webbing when manipulating your firearm. This ensures that your sling moves around your body effortlessly and never hangs up. The small bumps on the inside claws of the paracord guide also act as anti-rotation tabs to prevent rotation within the loop formed by your sling. After securing your paracord through your rail and/or stock, and the Paracord guide you can then tie and tuck a square knot into the paracord guides channel. The ESD Paracord Guides will add virtually no weight to your setup weighing in at less than .2 ounces combined. They give you the sound reduction capabilities of the traditional paracord loops compared to any metal connections and give you the added benefits of strength and consistency to the knot by concealing it.

When ordering the ESD Paracord guides you will receive two paracord guides, two pieces of 18” mil-spec 550 paracord, and a QR code link that leads to an instruction guide all packaged in a reusable tin. We chose to package the ESD Pracord Guides in a tin because it’s a way to have packaging useful for more than transport. The tins can be used in various ways once the items have been removed. You can use the tin to store a small fishing kit, pocket first aid kit, or small survival kit, or even use the tin to make charcloth! The possibilities are endless. 

An installation and breakdown video can be found here:

Additional information

Weight 2 oz

Black, Coyote Brown

13 reviews for ESD Paracord Guide

  1. CD (verified owner)

    Should have bought 3 sets!! Easy to install and they make a massive difference in how your sling sits and moves. I will consider these an essential part of any rifle sling install from now on.

  2. Puck (verified owner)

    Love these! The ESD paracord guides are great and allow the sling to sit naturally without any binds or twists.

  3. alphaordnance (verified owner)

    brilliant design; I plan to buy more

  4. Casey (verified owner)

    Works as intended. Love using paracord for attachment method and these guides are light and don’t make any noise.

  5. Azure1zero4 (verified owner)

    Works great. Just wish there was a FDE version.

    • Brett

      We’re glad you are enjoying our products! We are currently working on color matching for an FDE Paracord guide. We don’t have an exact date at this time, but I can tell you it is on the horizon! Thank you for letting us know your thoughts!

  6. Logan (verified owner)

    I don’t use either of my ESD slings without these. They keep the ends of it from bunching and twisting and make mounting easy. They totally negate the need for QD’s, clips, and anything else you could mount a sling with.

  7. Matt (verified owner)

    Simple, effective and affordable. Another smart design by ESD. This company doesn’t miss.

  8. Ricky Young (verified owner)

    Great product! Easy to use. Working great so far.

  9. Jay B (verified owner)

    This product is an extremely creative solution to any mounting issues a gun owner might have. I love the flexibility and ease of application; highly recommended.

  10. Chase Hochberg (verified owner)

    What is going on up there at ESD headquarters?! Edgar “The Sherminator” Sherman with grade A, America number 1, products…again. Genuis idea, brilliant execution and AND it comes in a little tin? Are you fucking with me right now? Did we just become best friends? The garage has been reserved for karate whenever you guys come through town!

  11. Jeff

    It took me a minute to figure out the knot because I was a terrible boy scout and the video sorta breezes through it, but once I did, it’s been great. They don’t bind up like QDs do, they’re quiet, and they’re light. I do sort of miss having a QD function, though; maybe in v2.

    • Brett

      Thank you for the input and review! We will look into getting some more resources together for the knot, keep an eye on our socials!

  12. Todd

    Love the sling design and feel of the material but I wish these guides came with it. I had to order them after my sling had arrived and realized there was no where to attach it to my AR. Also the “guide” video hardly guided at all.

  13. Juan

    Can’t say enough about this useful, elegant piece of kit. Can’t wait to see what’s next from this company!

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