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The ESD Pull Tab was designed to help increase the consistency of your adjustments when manipulating your ESD sling or a zipper. The design builds consistency because of its unique shape and how easy it is to grip when adjusting your ESD sling. ESD Pull tab is superior to the original ITW Zipline Orbit because its shape prevents slippage between your fingers when grabbed. The ESD pull tab shape allows you to grip it in a multitude of ways so that you can utilize it in the most effective way for you. The thickness and materials chosen for the ESD pull tab will withstand large temperature changes and help maintain rigidity so that you consistently find it when manipulating your ESD sling. The ESD pull tab can attach to any existing ESD sling, it can also be used for various zippers helping you to focus on your job at hand.


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(12 customer reviews)

The Edgar Sherman Design Pull Tab is designed to help increase the consistency of your adjustments when manipulating your ESD sling or a zipper. The true beauty of the ESD Pull Tab lies in its adaptability. Its unique shape accommodates multiple gripping styles, ensuring a comfortable and secure hold in every situation. Its rubber softens or removes noise when attached to zippers and provides a safer material to grip in extreme cold. But its design doesn’t stop at physical functionality – The ESD Pulltab comes in a wide array of colors allowing you to stylize it to your gear but most importantly you can use it for identifying and designating storage. If you’re an avid backpacker and you want to have a pouch to store all your water purification equipment use a blue pull tab, if you have a medical pouch for trauma use a red pull tab. This process not only aids in your visual cues but can assist others when searching through your bag. “There’s a tourniquet in the pouch with the red pull tab”. The ESD Pulltab is designed to survive everyday wear and tear in extreme environments. It’s also designed to break away at around 45 pounds of pull force. We did this with the military end user in mind to help prevent any sort of hazardous snags on brush, nails, metal, etc. You can trust your pull tab will survive regular usage but if you ever are snagged on something it won’t impede upon the task at hand! Effortlessly attach it to bags, backpacks, jackets, and level 7 PCU systems, or utilize it on your ESD sling or camera strap. Proudly made in the USA with US materials you can use a product that enhances your daily life and continues supporting the American dream.

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The ESD Pull Tab is Patent pending.

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Additional information

Weight 0.2 oz

Black, Coyote Brown, Blue, Mud, Orange, Red, Sandstone, White

12 reviews for ESD Pull Tab

  1. Jeff V (verified owner)

    Honestly, I accidentally ordered this because I was unaware that the ESD sling would include one already. It’s the most simple, yet effective design to get 100% out of the ESD sling. Now I’ve got a 2nd pair just in case.

  2. bpc22 (verified owner)

    Really high quality. Bought a set of them in tan and black because I just wanted to try them out in anticipation of replacing some 550 cord pulls on a few bags. Worth it. I’ll buy more to replace more 550 pulls as I find them on more and more bags.

  3. Savage Earth LLC (verified owner)

    Edgar Sherman Designs makes some of the most innovative products available for military and recreational use. We also manufacture military soft gear and use the ESD Pull Tab with our slings due to the superior design and the very obvious time and thought that went into it. If possible, we would make use of the ESD Pull Tab on all Savage Slings.

    Edgar Sherman Design is an incredible company that we strive to be on the same level with. ESD customer service is second to none and should be the model for companies starting out in this category of manufacturing and sales.

    From our company to yours, Thank you!

  4. SE LLC (verified owner)

    We use these for all of our slings. We don’t trust other pull tabs after testing three others. ESD holds up to the task and we will continue purchasing them for as long as they let us. Thsnk you!

  5. Tito (verified owner)

    I had to get the blue pull tab to go with the theme of Q for my Honey Badger. The tab works great and very solid feeling. Goes great with my ESD sling.

  6. Anthony K (verified owner)

    I’m using these on my motorcycle jacket and a Kreiga motorcycling backpack. The original zipper pulls on the jacket were pitiful and using these make opening and closing the pit zips infinitely easier.

    On the backpack, the zipper pull would disappear under the rain flap so locating it in a hurry was a pain. Using the hi-vis orange pull makes finding it super easy.

    *Not just for slings *

  7. Mark C (verified owner)

    I picked these up to upgrade my older ESD sling.

  8. James (verified owner)

    I liked this on my ESD snow camo sling so much, I bought some to try on other applications

  9. Nick Oliver (verified owner)

    Love these pull tabs, definitely will be purchasing other items from ESD.

  10. David M (verified owner)

    The genius is in its simplicity and uses. I initially thought it was made of metal. Optimistic it will withstand the test of time. Good value.

  11. 727 solutions llc (verified owner)

    Great product extremely durable and flexible at the same time, I ordered 3 more For my other slings.

  12. Patti Hall (verified owner)

    These things are as handy as a pocket on a shirt! They are both functional and esthetically pleasing in their design. And thank you so much for colors! I am so sick of the black, tan, and OD color triangle. So far I have made 2 orders of 4. I started just trying to build my own rifle sling, but I ordered more to put them on other sipper cases. On you can bet that I will have an orange one on my first aid kit!!!

    • Brett

      Thank you such much for the kind review! We are glad to hear you’re having such a positive experience with the ESD Pull Tab! In terms of your first-aid kit, we do plan to release a red version which will be perfect! Keep your eye out for it!

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