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Designed to optimize the AR platform, Granite Grip boasts a proprietary wrap-around texture in three variations: Fine and Topo for a moderately grippy surface, and Coarse, for those that need an aggressive texture for gloved hands and grip in extreme conditions. The reduced grip angle of 13.1°, compared to a standard mil-spec pistol grip, helps with precision but is versatile enough for all applications. Forgoing traditional manufacturing methods allowed us to create the unique tapered profile, which offers unmatched comfort and control, while the flat front face and chamfered edges inspired by precision shooting help build consistency.

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The Granite Grip utilizes MJF 3D printing with durable Nylon 12 just like our Enhanced Foregrips for M-Lok or Picatinny. This method of manufacturing is unique in that it doesn’t conform to modern manufacturing principles that injection molding requires. With this style of manufacturing, we can avoid draft angles and create shapes that wouldn’t be moldable. Because of this, we were able to alter the shape and texturing of pistol grips that we traditionally know. 

The Granite Grip’s geometry widens to fill your palm before tapering to a narrower point at the bottom. Tapering the grip aids in the placement of your hand as well as generating more leverage and control of the grip itself. 

Texture: The Granite Grip has a texture that doesn’t exist anywhere else on the market. Utilizing advanced 3D modeling we can change and tweak the textures limitlessly for the best possible traction, smooth out in areas of movement where you don’t want grip, avoid hot spots, and fade out the texture unlike any grip before.

Ergonomics is our specialty. Our design team has a background in human factors of design and we are a team full of shooters. During the development process, we studied the strengths and shortcomings of existing grips in our industry and looked outside of our industry for inspiration. With a drawn-out research phase, we focused on making a pistol grip that provided an optimal grip angle when shooting from a wide assortment of positions, that worked with and without gloves, that accommodated the 99% of hands of the population, that enhanced the selector manipulation process and provided a grip for long-distance precision shooting and up close rapid fire. After years of ideation and iterations, we are proud to present the Granite Grip, which we believe is the last pistol grip you’ll ever need.

Choose between our Fine, Coarse, and Topo texture options to optimize the Granite Grip for your needs. We recommend Fine texture for those who want a smoother finish,  like to use hockey tape as their main traction or don’t like the intensity of the course grips texture. If you want a grip that embodies calloused hands from a hard day’s work of chopping wood, deadlifting small pickup trucks, or popping open a nice cold one without a bottle opener the Course textured Granite Grip is for you. The Topo has a level of grip somewhere between the Fine and Coarse versions but with more varied surface elevation.

Hardware is included with each Granite Grip consisting of one 1” 18-8 Passivated Stainless Steel Button Head Hex Drive Screw designed to withstand the cruelest of weather conditions around the globe, as well as a Belleville lock washer for vibration management. 

The Granite Grip is designed, made, and assembled here in the USA. 

Compatibility: Fits standard AR-pattern lower receivers like the AR15, M4, M16, AR10, M110, SR25, etc.

A beavertail variation will be available shortly.


Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 1.275 × 2.75 × 4.2 in
Grip Texture

Coarse, Fine, Topo

13 reviews for Granite Grip

  1. Matthew (verified owner)

    This thing is something special. I will be honest that I was a little skeptical about the taper design that they built into this at first, but I’ve been buying ESD products almost since day one and have always loved them. I received it today, mounted it and it just works! Not only that, the grip angle is absolutely spot on. Been trying to find a grip that would work with my wife’s reduced wrist motion so I can get her involved in the shooting world and literally nothing has worked. I’ve gone through probably over a dozen other designs and they were all a no-go. Today we found it. If you have any wrist range of motion issue of any kind I cannot recommend this enough. If you don’t I cannot recommend it enough. Your hand simply molds around this thing and feels great.

  2. Cain (verified owner)

    Bought grip during drop last week, arrived today, installed on rifle today. I bought the fine textured version.
    Somehow, without any other changes, the swell and texture of the grip have made my rifle feel so much handier and maneuverable VS my old Magpul K2. Though I mourn the loss of the grip storage switching over, the gain of comfort with this grip may be enough for me to forget all about it.
    Fit and finish of the part is great, no rough seams that need to be sanded down or defects.
    I know they’re releasing a beavertail version in the near future, but honestly, this may have won me over back to the non-beavertail side.
    Love it.

  3. Ryan W (verified owner)

    I got my coarse granite grip on day 1 drop and was out of town for an entire week as it sat in my PO Box ready to be picked up. I got home and installed it and was simply blown away with how GOOD this grip feels in my hand. I am a commercial fisherman, and my wrists and fingers are battered and I have a hard time with range of motion now having turned 40yo this year. I was very pleased with how this grip felt and how it looked. Top tier quality fit and finish was great. The texture and all the different angles and lines this grip had alot going on. It’s safe to say I will be converting all my grips over to the ESD granite grip. I can’t wait for the stubby version to drop for my 300 blk build.

  4. Matt (verified owner)


  5. Jake combs (verified owner)

    Looks great, feels great, shipping was fast, what more could you ask for?

  6. Zack N (verified owner)

    Normally not a review guy, but damn, this is a Bad ass grip. Great high grip with a beautiful ergonomic taper. Absolutely glued to your hand while shooting

    Not surprised it’s this good though all E.S products are killer

  7. John (verified owner)

    Got the Topo grip. Slapped it on my AK; feels good and looks sick.

  8. Koko Guerilla (verified owner)

    Went from Nuking Non Threats to Tagging Terries in a single swap of the grip! Love it for my 11.5 set up. Great wrist angle for safety manipulation that I was needing a change from my previous K2. Highly recommend. 5 out of 5.

  9. Jake Glass (verified owner)

    Love the grip texture and pattern, haven’t used it yet but it feels great!

  10. Patti (verified owner)

    As a retired cartographer, I’ve worked on a number of Topographic maps. It has been exciting to see contour lines used as a decoration. But ESD took that a step further with 3D contours. Beautiful and practical. Hills and solution valleys, just like in the Karst topography of the Mammoth Cave area of Kentucky. I am so pleased with the feel of the grip. Now if I could just get one in purple!

  11. Chase Hochberg (verified owner)

    Just got this bad boy installed. I, like many of the others above me were a little skeptical about the design of the grip, but because of the armor my department issues I’ve got to collapse my buttstock in a bit further that I normally would. So far, this decreased angle feels much more comfortable on my dainty wrists and the tapered design of the grip gives you more purchase on the grip itself. Might be in my head but it feels like a solid purchase on the grip. You guys gotta take it easy on me. I’ve…I’ve made so many purchases from you. Please. Take a vacation. Sponsor me or something. I beg you.

    • Brett

      We won’t take a day off until there is a Granite Grip on every rifle East (and West) of the Mississippi.

  12. Zachary Hall (verified owner)

    My fist pistol grip that is basically a 90 degree grip. Don’t know the exact angle degree. Been through quite a few grips since 2006 when I started using the ar platform to now. Easy installation just as most are, but do I have an ever lasting boner from the esd granite topo grip from the first instant I shouldered it with the grip in hand. If I had this in Iraq two tours and over 1,000 patrols my wrist wouldn’t hurt like hell.
    So much comfort and absolute control over the weapon system with this grip. Will definitely buy more, and only will purchase ESD grips from now on

    • Brett

      Thank you for leaving a review! As far as the grip angle goes, you’re looking at 13.1 degrees!

  13. Ryg_FinalForm (verified owner)

    The Granite Grip is quite excellent and comfortable. The angle of the grip aides in fast site/target acquisition. Very comfortable.
    The texture itself (coarse) is nice, with or without gloves. No beaver tail allows for high/deep purchase on the rifle.

    Cons/considerations: having no beaver tail may put your hand in contact with your safety on the off hand side IF youre running an ambidextrous unit.

    Overall, I would recommend this, very happy with the product. Looking forward to purchasing the beaver tail version.

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