ESD Sling


The Edgar Sherman Design Sling, ESD Sling, was designed with purpose, research, extreme testing, and a collection of user experiences. The ESD Sling is adaptable to the end user. The ESD Sling is highly customizable to any rifle, sub-gun, shotgun, hunting rifle, bolt action, and PDW weapon system. The ESD Sling features an elastic regulator that allows the sling to stow against the side of your rifle.

(280 customer reviews)

The Edgar Sherman Design Sling, ESD Sling, was designed with purpose, research extreme testing, and experience. The ESD Sling is adaptable to the end user. The ESD Sling is highly customizable to any rifle, sub-gun, shotgun, hunting rifle, bolt action, and PDW weapon system. There are two adjustment sections on the ESD sling. A rear adjustment section to fit the ESD sling to your body size and additional gear. And a quick-adjust section to loosen or tighten the sling while in use. The ESD Sling adjustment system is more adaptable to natural body movement and body mechanics. The 1-inch width of the ESD sling has less friction than wider slings and allows the ESD sling to move across your body without resistance.

The ESD sling has a new updated elastic regulator preventing webbing from twisting or jamming when adjusting. This elastic has a natural pull tab that allows the sling to be folded upon itself and stored tightly on the weapon system. This feature is great for patrol vehicle storage or bag/pack/case storage. Simply pull on the ESD Sling to deploy the sling to its full length.

Key Features

  • NEW MK 1.5 updated elastic is featured on all slings to quicken and ease the stowing functionality of the sling.
  • NEW MK 1.5 updated tags for a cleaner, more legible, and higher fade-resistant logo
  • NEW MK 1.5 Made in USA and Berry Amendment Compliant tag hidden in the rear section of the sling
  • ESD Pull Tab featured on all slings! Enhanced grip for easier adjustability.
  • Quick-adjust moves naturally in both opening and closing
  • Super lightweight
  • Streamline design
  • Can fold into itself for vehicle operations and quickly be released from storage
  • Hand-made in the USA
  • Berry Amendment-compliant materials
  • 20+ inches of adjustment in the rear section of the strap to fit individuals up to 7 feet tall.
  • Open-Ends: This means that you will have an ITW tri-glide on each end of the sling to secure your attachment method. You could add any connection method for your rifle that you’d like. (This is standard on most rifle slings).

What is currently available is in stock and will ship within one to five days. Mounting hardware to rifles such as ESD paracord guides, QD swivels, HK hooks, etc. purchased separately.

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Additional information

Weight 3 oz

AOR1, Black, Coyote Brown, M81, MultiCam, MultiCam Arid, MultiCam Black, MultiCam Tropic, Ranger Green, Ranger Green / Black, Snow Camo, Wolf Grey, Desert Tiger Stripe, Flecktarn, Vietnam Tiger Stripe

280 reviews for ESD Sling

  1. Tyson Grona (verified owner)

    A Huge improvement with the self-contained sling and gross motor skill pull loop. Time will tell, but this may replace all my other slings.



  2. Anthony Chirillo (verified owner)

    Minimal, comfortable, and super easy to adjust. This is literally the best sling I have ever owned/used. Honestly, I can’t see myself buying or using anything else. Also, for anybody wondering, Slingster < ESD sling. Stop looking for other slings and pull the trigger on this one. You won’t regret it.

  3. John (verified owner)

    Dead Edgar Sherman Design. I really like this sling. The best feature of this sling, and all your slings is the is the ability to adjust it’s length to suit your needs.So simple but effective rugged and light. Thank You!! Good Job!

  4. Joe Assad (verified owner)

    Fully Functional, fast, and secure. I love mine, ordering a second.

  5. Ryan (verified owner)

    Love the sling. Slides both ways without having to fight any clamping mechanism first. Very slim and smooth design.

  6. PewPew So Hard (verified owner)

    absolutely great sling! i have many slings but this is definitely that best! and on top of it all the delivery turn around was super fast! needless to say you just got a lifetime customer

  7. William Ingwerson (verified owner)

    Great works as advertised. Comfortable and durable

  8. Robert C. (verified owner)

    The best no hassle minimalist sling out there!

  9. John C. (verified owner)

    Simple and effective. Will be replacing the slings on the rest of my rifles with the ESD. I love how easy it is to adjust and the added elastic band makes it easy to store in the vehicle or safe. Great quality and fast shipping.

  10. Nick (verified owner)

    Minimalist sling. Very slick and effective. Nothing to snag and catch on your kit. Very well thought out design

  11. ratmichards (verified owner)

    Take it from a real operator
    (crane operator)…
    I used to put M1 style slings on everything.
    Then I started doing tacticool shit, and watching YouTube videos, and I watched Sicario so you can consider me an expert.
    I anguished over this purchase. I looked at all the options and now that I have my ESD Sling in hand I know I made the right choice. It functions exactly as described and fit & finish justifies the cost. There’s a LOT of sling choices out there and I’m sure plenty of quality ones to chose from but for now I will beam with pride the next time I cinch my carbine to my body when I bend over to snatch a cold beer out of the cooler…. see you at the apocalypse!

  12. Robert (verified owner)

    Just received my two ESD slings, Love the quality, very well thought out with my favorite thing is how light and comfortable it is not to mention it looks absolutely great on my rifle. I will be buying more for other builds.

  13. KEVIN BICKERTON (verified owner)

    Easy to adjust, looks great, durable, light…….however the quick adjust could get caught on stuff. Low probability but still being a loop, it could snag you up on something. I also wish it came with QD swivels. Great sling minus those two things.

  14. Damon Block (verified owner)

    Best sling I own. I recommend it to everyone. It is the easiest adjusting sling I have ever used five stars don’t even do it justice…

  15. David Kikukawa (verified owner)

    Simply THE sling.
    Don’t settle for anything else.

  16. Jeff Scheider (verified owner)

    I love the simplicity of this Sling. It just works. I used to think I liked a padded sling, but after a while, it would dig into your collar and be uncomfortable. I love the slider on this sling as well. I have had other slides and twist and it’s a nightmare to untwist. I’m planning on adding these to all of my rifles moving forward.

  17. Justin Alvarez (verified owner)

    Never buying any other sling brand ever again. It’s fantastic.

  18. Chad (verified owner)

    Minimalist, simple and very light. I highly recommend this sling but if you have a heavier rifle setup that has to be carried for an extended period of time, a sling with a pad and/or wider strap may be more comfortable. However, for 90% of applications and setups – this sling functions great. Will be buying more…

  19. Antone R. (verified owner)

    Simple, minimal sling that gets the job done. Plenty of adjustment on set up and with the slider. All in all I’m happy with it and give it two thumbs up.

  20. Mike Salkco (verified owner)

    Finally able to use during some training, Very sleek nothing to snag on gear able to make quick effortless adjustment.

  21. Rob Gollhofer (verified owner)

    Love this sling- like Ricky Bobby said-“if you don’t use this sling then F you!”

  22. Brandon (verified owner)

    Simple and to the point. Best sling I have ever used. The pull tab is simply genius. I’ll never use another sling

  23. JC Brown (verified owner)

    Great product simplicity and quality!

  24. asusports (verified owner)

    Love it! Looks great on my HB! Easy to use! I will be getting a few more! Thank you for a great product!

  25. Tyler Briers-buentello

    Best sling I have used for sure. Minimalist design and ease of use are my favorite points. I would give 4.99 stars because no ODG.

  26. John (verified owner)

    Got out to the range and was able to use my ESD Sling. Absolutely love it! Quick easy adjustment, never snagged on any gear, light weight yet durable.

  27. Frank Jones (verified owner)

    Loving it….

  28. LEIF GOODWIN (verified owner)

    This sling design is unparalleled, you want a 2 point with no hanging straps? You want fast one handed adjustment? You want very fast shipping?
    Then you want/need an ESD sling, this is the new standard.
    Makes me proud this genius device came from New Hampshire because here we “live free or die”

    Leif Goodwin

  29. Matt (verified owner)

    Since I got my fist ESS sling I won’t go back, no snagging, easiest adjustment and use them on every from my AR pistol to my bolt action rifles. Will never buy another brand again.

  30. ranrey58

    Great fit for my Q Honey Badger 300 blackout pistol. The sling arrived earlier this week and yesterday I was using it to walk through some West Texas terrain while pig hunting, in 100 degree heat. I like how light but strong it is and its quick adjustability when using it for support when shooting without a rest. The light weight and less bulk is a game changer on the AR pistol, IMO. Thanks!

  31. D’aath

    My second ESD sling. I absolutely love the well thought out, lightweight, minimalist design. The wolf grey is gorgeous, and will have a good home where it’s abuse will be unrelenting and excessive. The movement of the sling is smooth and easy, yet secure. Edgar is a pretty fantastic guy too. I have no doubts that there will be more ESD gear in my future.

  32. Ian (verified owner)

    Sling is awesome. If it was padded like the BFG slings I would never buy any other slings again. The quality is great, and the smoothness of the buckle to loosen and tighten is amazing.

  33. leif goodwin (verified owner)

    Just received my 2nd ESD sling, what can I say other than they’re perfect. Every rifle I have or will have will be wearing one of these.

  34. Jeff V (verified owner)

    Extremely happy with the performance and look of this sling. It’s lightweight, simple, yet innovative design allow it to deploy quickly. The pull-tab feature for quick deployments and adjustments is a game changer!

  35. Aaron (verified owner)

    The sling fits great and is super easy to attach. The storage feature is awesome and the adjustable feature is fast and easy to use.

  36. Brandon (verified owner)

    Skip all of the other slings. This is the only one you need, if you can snag one while they’re in stock. Simple, cheap made in America.

  37. Jake (verified owner)

    Great quality and plenty of adjustment. I put it through it’s paces on the range and it performed flawlessly, I couldn’t be happier with it!

  38. John Leonard (verified owner)

    Switched from a vickers sling to an ESD and I’m never going back. I appreciate the craftsmanship which ultimately leads to better form and function. Highly recommend

  39. Lee Cardwell (verified owner)

    I have only used this sling once so far but it’s really become my favorite sling. I love that there is no cutting the sling to length, just adjust the slider to your size and go. It’s super lightweight and very minimalist. I see now why these are so highly recommended. It’s an excellent product and you wont be disappointed.

  40. Tanner Denton (verified owner)

    Great innovation and sling design. Would buy all the colors if they were available!

  41. chasemorg1993 (verified owner)

    The sling is literally a 99.9/100. I have two of them, I just got my second one in the mail. The minimalist design is perfect and quality built. The only thing I can complain about is the fact that I ordered Two of the slings that are shown with the circular thumb loops instead of the semi-circle thumb loops, but I received the semi-circles instead of what was shown in the picture. I added that in the note on my second order and didn’t hear anything back about it. I still would REALLY like to have the circular thumb loops. H O W E V E R… this is just me being a brat, because it’s not what is advertised. The sling is P E R F E C T. Regardless of anything, I will be a returning customer. Great job, Edgar!

  42. KS (verified owner)

    This functions just as described and the way I wish my other “quick” adjustable slings should function.

  43. Constantine (verified owner)

    Need to work with it some more, but so far, it’s well made and comfortable. I’m using paracord in the front and looped it through the slot in the ACS stock and it works really well. Also, as a larger guy, the high level of adjustablilty and long length work really well for me.

    As Wayne might say, If you’ve got a problem with Edgar’s slings, you’ve got a problem with me, and I suggest you let that one marinate.

  44. Nicholas (verified owner)

    Have ordered $200 worth of slings so far, in Black, Coyote, and Multi-Cam. Hands down the best and easiest sling to use. There is a reason that they are always sold out and you have to wait list. Be patient, they will come back in stock, and when they do order quick!

  45. Chris (verified owner)

    Great sling! The quick-adjust feature is one of the best I’ve used, easy to shorten and lengthen, nice range of lengths, and it holds very solidly when you load the sling. I also appreciated how easy it is to tailor the overall length of the sling non-quick adjust portion of the sling to the user, so that you get maximum benefit from the quick adjustment.

  46. Jesse (verified owner)

    Great minimalist sling. Arrived quickly and like that the pull-tab can be removed if you want without destroying anything. Great sling definitely recommend and will be buying more!

  47. Thomas Burke (verified owner)

    Easy installation and great sling. Simple and well thought out,

  48. ANDREW FOULKS (verified owner)

    Love the Black Multicam sling I picked up for my 300blk pistol. Easy to adjust and the added band makes it easy to store and deploy.

  49. Amaan (verified owner)

    I added this sling to my AR. The comfort, ease of adjustment, and flexibility made this one a great addition to the rifle. It keeps my weapon right where I need it when training.

  50. Corey Schmidt (verified owner)

    Great sling very simple design smooth adjustment and love that it can retain itself

  51. Dave H (verified owner)

    Have both the Multicam black and the M81. I won’t even bother with other slings now. ESD makes a genuinely great product and I’m happy to recommend them

  52. Steel (verified owner)

    Great customer service and fast shipping and such nice slings! So easy to adjust it’s amazing! Simple. Buy one. Or two haha

  53. Brian Schmitt (verified owner)

    A very durable and simplistic design. This is everything you need in a good sling without the extra BS. The pull tab design and function is flawless. This is my second sling and I will continue to support ES with all my slings moving forward.

  54. Charles (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing best sling out there !!!!

  55. John Steil (verified owner)

    Haven’t been using this sling for long, but it’s quickly becoming my favorite; it’s far more intuitive and user friendly than the slingster (FC fear is still solid)… sold 4 slingsters after running the ESD sling for about a week, was using slingsters exclusively for about 2 years before that. I really dig the captured tail and how the sling adjusts to wearing different load outs with ease; this is something I was never able to do with the slingster. I will be purchasing more slings to match different load outs, because let’s be honest, tactical gear is grown men’s dress up, and we all want to look cool.

  56. Devin Hoover (verified owner)

    I haven’t had if for very long but it has been a great sling. Very easy and smooth to adjust on the fly. I bought the Black Multi cam and the material and color is great.

  57. Blake K Allison (verified owner)

    Great sling! Simple design that works well. Presentation from low or high ready is smooth and just a quick pull it’s nice and tight for controlled longer range target acquisition. I will definitely buy another or a few more.

  58. Lee Whitehorn (verified owner)

    I like your sling man, fair product at fair price. Still loving slingster by Ferro Concepts also. ESD definitely more suitable for lightweight platforms.

  59. DD (verified owner)

    Fast and easy to adjust, great quality, highly recommend!!

  60. Vince Perea (verified owner)

    Great quality and easy to use. Definitely high speed!

  61. ratmichards (verified owner)

    Is too bad I can’t post a stick pic. I’m up to 2 slings and 2 EFG’s now. Yes they work exactly as expected but they look cool too, and that is REALLY important…

  62. Kyle

    First quality sling, the ease of tightening and loosening makes it well worth it.

  63. Corey Lecuyer (verified owner)

    This sling makes me angry every time I use it!!!
    Angry I didn’t have this threw all my deployments. Threw my years in the Service. Its amazing. On the fly adjustments. Durable. Soooo very light. Love it!!! If you are thinking about it. You need it. Done and done!!

  64. Brandon Smith (verified owner)

    Reviewing the ESD Sling is very simple, it’s perfect. It’s so soft and smooth, yet really hard in all right places and you know it will get you through whatever you need. We also need to address its sex appeal, I mean shit, have you seen the sex loft these items are designed in?! It would only make sense that this can get you through a gun fight and double as a tie down in the bedroom with the hottest of women. My goal, buy every sling as it comes in stock, your goal, should be the same.

  65. Chase (verified owner)

    I own five of these slings and plan on buying more. These are the best slings in the market! The design is flawless, of course with the OLD STYLE CIRCULAR thumb loop! If you hate the new style thumb loops, let Edgar know! We need the old style thumb loops back!

  66. James (verified owner)

    Love the feel and functionality of these-will definitely be back for more!

  67. Mack (verified owner)

    Great sling. Very minimal and light weight. Adjust on a dime and it’s very user friendly. I’d recommend it to just about anyone

  68. Mattox (verified owner)

    Received as described. Looks fantastic and shipped SUPER fast. Can’t advise of practicality yet because it’s not fitted to my new PDW yet. But looks and feels like it’s going to be awesome! A++. Will order more.

  69. Chris (verified owner)

    Amazing. I end through four or five other brands before I find this. All I have to say is that I absolutely love it.

  70. Pedro (verified owner)

    Best two point sling I’ve ever used, hands down one of the best out there.

  71. Toby Kelley (verified owner)

    I have purchased two of these now. One for work gun and one for personal. The simplicity coupled with functionality of this sling is what drove me to buy. Slowly the rest of the team is seeing this as being a great sling and transitioning over. Great job guys!!

  72. Seth (verified owner)

    Minimal, comfortable, perfect. Highly recommended for all skill levels. Ease of adjustment allows for quick familiarity. Absolutely satisfied, will buy again.

  73. Brandon Pelletier (verified owner)

    What more to say, as far as unpadded slings go this is the cream of the crop. The slickest slidiest boi on the market. You will say why do I have this “insert sling here” and before you know it every rifle/shotgun you own will have one.

  74. Juan L (verified owner)

    Coyote Brown for my Honey Badger. Sling is light and very good quality. It does what is promised and I recommend for anyone interested in slings for their hardware. If you ever find ES slings available, then you buy that shit without hesitation!

  75. Marshall (verified owner)

    This sling is the tits!!!

  76. Jeepnpew (verified owner)

    After purchasing my first sling I was done with all my other ones and replaced each one with a esd sling.

  77. Alfred Pennyworth (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, solid design, excellent functionality

  78. Kristian (verified owner)

    My sling got here fast, which I definitely appreciate. It’s very well-made, the pull-tab is easy to actuate, and the multicam (arid) looks pretty sick. It’s fairly thin and not terribly wide, which has pros and cons for me. Because it’s thin/slim, it makes it easy to wear with a backpack and other kit – it also has a tendency to twist and dig into me, something that doesn’t happen as often with other padded slings. Overall though, I really like it – I would especially recommend it if you like more streamlined stuff

  79. David Khoii (verified owner)

    This is an awesome sling! Simple and light, I like it much better than the Magpul MS1 sling I was using. Shipping was also excellent! VERY QUICK! Thanks, ESD!

  80. C Mo (verified owner)

    Great sling! Made well! Super easy to adjust on the fly! Have and will continue to recommend!

  81. Cade Downen (verified owner)

    Best of the best, self contained design is perfect and simple. Thin design is very light and comfortable, also for the price point they can not be beaten.

  82. Dylan Laser (verified owner)

    Stumbled upon this sling in a video by Ronan Tactical, immediately became convinced due to its simplicity. Ordered one for my AR setup and was not disappointed. Already ordered another one to go on one of my hunting rifles.

  83. Scott Hamann (verified owner)

    I bought 6 on a recommendation and happy I did. Will own a few more when they are back in stock

  84. Cade Downen (verified owner)

    Simply the best. Lightweight and durable. Quick adjust is perfect. I have 2 now and abused them.

  85. Scott S (verified owner)

    Perfect sling for my subgun platforms. Simple. Adjustable. Retention strap is a nice addition.

  86. Andy Nhib (verified owner)

    Very light adjustments and clean, doesn’t dig into your neck as i thought it would due to its thin width. Better than standard Marine Corps issue brand sling due to no hanging straps and unnecessary clips.

  87. BRIAN K HARTMAN (verified owner)


  88. Seh (verified owner)

    This is a very well thought out design, the strap itself is very clean and self contained. The pull tab works like magic when adjusting, it’s quick and easy to use and I’ve attached qd hardware to switch from rifle to rifle so I don’t have a bunch of extra slings. The black multicam also looks great with any stock!

  89. Bob Galloway

    Super fat shipping since was out of stock when I ordered. Great tutorial video on installation and use. Adjustable and light weight. Thanks to my son for recommending this product to me,

  90. Erik Kaiser (verified owner)

    Best sling period. On the wait list for a second one. Wont be buying anything else. I have several friends who are going to buy one as well. I have 4 other slings and will be selling them and replacing them with Eds.

  91. Vince W (verified owner)

    Looking to replace the slings on several of my weapons. This sling was recommended. On a static test it seems to be easily adjustable. I will update after conducting shoot and move

  92. vahnn_ (verified owner)

    Got my fourth sling a few days ago. Excellent quality, as always. Some say they wish they came with QD swivels, or some other attachment type, but that would increase the cost, and there are a variety of methods for attaching slings. I like that it includes none and keeps the cost down. The slings are durable, comfortable, can reach almost any length you desire, and you can adjust it in a second with a single hand. By far my favorite sling on the market.

  93. Mike Chocklan (verified owner)

    Hands down one of the best slings ever. I’ve used many others and always found something I didn’t like right out of the box. This one though, the quality and simplicity of it is impressive. Very easy manipulation, super comfy, this thing just works.

  94. David Gladden (verified owner)

    Was looking for a 2 point sling. Found this one. Had some good reviews. So far it feels like a winner. Quick and easy to adjust for different positions and tasks. Durability is TBD but thus far very happy with look and function. 5 stars.

  95. William MacKrell (verified owner)

    this is my second ESD sling I’ve purchased. The 1st one was such a big hit I picked up another for one of my other rifles. couldn’t be happier.

  96. Justin (verified owner)

    This is my second esd sling. They are extremely well made and function just as well. I highly recommend these.

  97. Anthony G. (verified owner)

    I really liked the design and set up. Easy to use. My only negative is that the strap itself is a little thin for me. So it feels like it digs in more to me and specifically my shoulders. But that maybe more of me being a big guy. Other then I can’t complain.

  98. Brent H. (verified owner)

    Less IS more! Everything you need in a sling with no BS. Good price. Fast shipping. Great functioning design. Sturdy construction. Done

  99. Josh Kirkby (verified owner)

    Honestly I always hated wearing slings but I knew how important they are so I decided to get this and good god this thing is awesome. Love how it stores in on itself and can be deployed super fast. I barely notice it’s there and it does everything I need while looking good.

  100. Manny Fernandez (verified owner)

    Thankfully I am done looking for slings. I have a good 30 different slings I have tested to see what works. Either bulky, expensive, non-intuitive, etc. These slings are the Bee’s Knees. Look no further. Minimalist but not to the point you give up any functionality. The pull tab are the gravy on top. Love it.

  101. pheyos (verified owner)

    Great sling. Solid and simple construction. Easy to adjust, especially compared one my old one from a different maker.

  102. John R Olivarez (verified owner)

    Priced right. Lightweight and just the ideal thickness if it happens to be soaked in mud, water or swear to be rinsed and hung dry. Compared to the more expensive, bulky or thick straps of the other slings this is perfect. Also this can be folded to fit an empty magazine pouch. Simple and functional all around. Highly recommended.

  103. Matt (verified owner)

    Alot easier to adjust than my blue force gear sling or my war horse concepts sling.
    The pull tab is awesome. And the materials dry easier. 10/10 highly recommend

  104. Manny Fernandez (verified owner)

    I have replaced all my slings now with the ESD slings. I have ordered 3 times and all have been great. This last order was re-routed on a scenic route but not the fault oF ESD.

  105. Josh Gardner (verified owner)

    I have 3 of these slings and plan on buying more, minimalist design without sacrificing functionality! Wining!

  106. Manny Fernandez (verified owner)

    Another successful order. Love it. I now have a bunch of old slings Im gonna give away or sell. ESD is the only sling for me. This is my third order.

  107. Jonathan Mahfouz (verified owner)

    I have two of these slings now, by far the best I have ever used….and I’ve tried a lot. All too often I found myself working around the sling or it just not being comfortable, these slings resolve all that. Simple and does what I need it to do. Wish I would have had it when I was in the Army. Picked up one for my dad for Christmas.

  108. Scott (verified owner)

    Straight forward un-padded sling. Functions the way it should and the pull tab is effective for quick adjustments. Quality stitching and material.

  109. Brad (verified owner)

    The pull tab adjustment makes this sling awesome. Great for carbine or other light weapons. I’d love to see one that’s a little wider (and maybe padded) for a shotgun.

  110. John Haivala (verified owner)

    Great product! This is my second, and recommend to anyone. One of my friends bought on my recommendation.

  111. Anthony (verified owner)

    Simply put, I have tried 8 different slings, all from top companies. None better than the ESD Sling. Great work, thank you!

  112. Kadron (verified owner)

    Have purchased my 4th one. ESD slings are the best. Just buy it. You won’t regret it.

  113. Gene O’Neill (verified owner)

    This is my second ESD sling and it won’t be the last piece of kit that I purchase from these guys

  114. Bill (verified owner)

    Best 2 point sling on the market!

  115. Lukehbaum (verified owner)

    Honestly the best 45 bucks i could have ever spent cheaper than a slingster and blue force but better than both

  116. Jonathan Dyer (verified owner)

    Effective and amazingly simple to use. Love the sling!

  117. Todd Kocian (verified owner)

    Amazing and well worth the wait. This review is not so much about the sling, but rather the customer service at ESD, Specifically Jacob Barr. The ever efficient and trustworthy United States Postal Service lost or misplaced my original shipment (It’s still lost as of the writing of this review from November 2020). Working with Jacob, ESD sent me another sling. IF the USPS ever manages to deliver the original packet, I will return it to ESD. Thanks again Jacob, I will definitely be a return customer.

  118. Dave (verified owner)

    This sling in fantastic. I’ve been looking for that balance between minimalism and functionality and this sling is perfect. Lightweight, quick to adjust, easy to attach to your rifle in multiple ways, durable and it even looks good. I bought 2 but these will be replacing every other sling I have and my go to recommended sling.

  119. MC

    I recently purchased my first AR-15 and have been trying to seek out the best equipment to outfit it with. I chose this sling because of many people’s positive feedback and the simplicity of the product. Plus, the sling has elastic to stow the sling while not in use so no rubber bands necessary. If you have any thought of wether to purchase this or not I’ll save you some time, do it.

  120. Derek Truckenmiller (verified owner)

    I picked up 2 of these slings. Super simple to setup, and to adjust to your loadout. The sling is light, and the slider is smooth and easy to operate. I’m running a IWC 2 to 1 tri glide on one of these slings to make it convertible from 2 point to 1 point. Overall happy with these slings.

  121. Gary (verified owner)

    Minimal, simple and effective. My order was processed the day after buying online. I will be buying more because its the best sling I have used and I have used them all.

  122. Christian (verified owner)

    Black multicam- ordered on a Saturday to my door by Wednesday.
    Great sling overall, highly adjustable for different circumferences. A little thinner in terms of thickness than expected but very happy with purchase overall.

  123. Justin (verified owner)

    Good quality fast shipping

  124. George (verified owner)

    Minimal, comfortable, and super easy to adjust. Have a few different brands and this ones right at the top. Fast shipping also.

  125. Mike (verified owner)

    Replaced my Magpul QD sling with this and absolutely love it. Especially the MC black.

  126. Travis (verified owner)

    This is my second ESD sling. I run one on my AR currently and just purchased this one to be on a dedicated longrange/hunting set up in 6.5 Creedmoor. I use a Haley Sling on one of my guns and truly like it and recommend it to others for what it does well. However its my ESD slings that are now on all my “working” guns, and guns that are in use often. A testament to the simplicity of the design. I will be buying more I am sure.

  127. Cameron Cannon (verified owner)

    I was initially surprised by how lightweight this sling is. But I get no indication that there is any sacrifice on durability due to it being extremely lightweight, I will definitely be purchasing more ESD slings for all my other rifles.

  128. MARK VANDERPOOL (verified owner)

    Great sling. Easy to use and adjust. No loose tags hanging to get caught up in anything while moving around. Glad I found this company.

  129. Roy (verified owner)

    Great design. Slim line and light weight. Super fast adjustments on the fly and they look good. Definitely will be ordering more to outfit all my rifles with the red sling.

  130. Max M. (verified owner)

    Some of the very best slings on the market. Tough, low pro and awesome color ways.
    This is my 2nd one and I am sure I will continue using these for my Carbines. ESD always pushing for improvement along with aesthetics !

  131. BigPlay (verified owner)

    Lightest sling I own and looking forward to putting it on my home defense firearm! Very snappy and easy to use!

  132. Savage Earth LLC (verified owner)

    Edgar Sherman Designs makes some of the most innovative products available for military and recreational use. The ESD sling is superb and is in use on a some of our firearms here in the shop. We would have no issue with selling the ESD Sling right along side of ours. 

    Edgar Sherman Design is an incredible company that we strive to be on the same level with. ESD customer service is second to none and should be the model for companies starting out in this category of manufacturing and sales.

    From our company to yours, Thank you!

  133. TX (verified owner)

    I have tried various slings and the ES slings are my favorite. The best part is the ability to adjust the length of the sling and never have to worry about trimming and possibly limiting the slings versatility. The slider is super smooth and overall it feels incredibly durable. So far I have 2 ES slings and I can say you cant go wrong. The price is also pretty great for what you are getting.

  134. John (verified owner)

    Great sling. Quality craftsmanship. I will be ordering more for myself and as gifts.

  135. Christopher Cooke (verified owner)

    Heard about this a few different times. After listening to you with Kevin on the Q podcast I had to try one. First glance I love the simplicity, the color options and the pull tab. After some dry fire drills I think this is my new sling. Great product!

  136. Matt C (verified owner)

    I have purchased three of these slings over the span of a few years. Simply put, they are extremely well thought out, very durable and versatile. My most recent order shipped within hours of purchase and arrived exactly as expected. For the quality and features, you simply cannot find a better option.

  137. Chrie (verified owner)

    Great product. Playable yet durable. Shipped quick, regardless of Covid delays etc. I will recommend this sling to friends, fellow military and law enforcement. Great job!

  138. Bryan (verified owner)

    Lightweight and freaking awesome!!!

  139. J.House (verified owner)

    Replacing all of my other slings. These guys have been making slings since the beginning and it shows in the fine attention to detail. Competitors are selling a lesser product for twice the price.

  140. Chris D (verified owner)

    So I always ran Viking tactical and blue for gear slings. After purchasing the ESD sling this is the only sling I will use from now on. It is much cleaner, easier to tighten down and loosen, the material feels much nicer to the touch. I can’t say enough good things about this product. Would recommend this sling to everyone. I will be switching out all sling I own to these,

  141. Justin (verified owner)

    Love the ESD Slings so much I switched over all my favorite hosts to them. I love using paracord as the connector instead of QD. Simple, lightweight, effective and functional. Couldn’t be happier.

  142. Isaac (verified owner)

    Slim and minimal as f#%k I definitely recommend

  143. Craig Burris (verified owner)

    I have used just about every two-point sling on the market in the last 15 years. Most were good but never great… that was until a friend showed me his ES sling. The lightweight and ease of adjustment are unmatched in the category. After getting my first one and taking it to the range, I have switched over all of my rifles to the ES sling.

  144. Omar Martinez (verified owner)

    I was genuinely surprised. I recently switched from one point to two point. I seen a lot of different brands, but this one caught my eye. I was watching a video on YouTube regarding this sling. I liked the tactical advantages regarding balance and control. I recently qualified and I have to say it made a difference. From the secured grip on my shoulder pocket to the transition to pistol.I highly recommend this sling .

  145. Daniel (verified owner)

    I bought this sling and I am in love with it. It stays close to the AR until I need it and makes the gun stay close and secure to me when needed. I would recommend this sling to anyone that don’t have one. One of the best additions to my build.

  146. Charles Gunther (verified owner)

    Amazing product, I love this sling. I was gifted my first one and it worked flawlessly. Fits perfectly on my “GI” style AR-15 builds. Ended up purchasing a second one because I loved it so much.

  147. Dave Allison (verified owner)

    I first went with the Slingster from Fero Concepts. When it arrived the finish on the metal parts was worn in spots and I thought it may have been used and returned before being sold to me. Also, since the hardware was metal it was scratching my rail and pressure pad were they made contact. After several trips to the range and continuing damage to my rail I ordered the ESD sling.
    Awesome product! Works great and gave me more ability to customize and adjust the length of my sling. I just purchased an AR pistol and the first two things I bought to go with it are a Sure Fire Scout light and an ESD sling!

  148. Bryan Menard (verified owner)

    Love it but the only problem is I need like 5 more ????

  149. liquidforce392 (verified owner)

    I’ve had numerous other well known slings and this one is just what I’ve been looking for. Comfortable, easily adjustable, and minimalist. Will be buying more in the future, great product for sure!

  150. Gilbert

    Just completed purchase number two. I’ve been eyeing these slings for over a year. Having never run a sling on my AR’s before I was hesitant about buying any sling with all the choices out there. After reading reviews and watching a ton of videos , I decided that ES had the most consistent great reviews. I’m happy I waited and made the choice I did. Customer service is excellent, shipping was incredibly quick and they work flawlessly. Thank you Edgar for a quality product at a working mans price point. Gil

  151. William Harris (verified owner)

    Excellent setup! This sling is a fraction of the weight of a magpul sling, comfortable, sling adjustments are smooth like butter and offers the perfect range of adjustment to allow generous clearance for handling and still suck it in tight enough to greatly improve stability for making linger shots. A simple, no nonsense, well thought out design. This will likely be the first sling purchase of many

  152. Rob Ade (verified owner)

    Great stuff. Excellent sling. Top quality. Fast shipping. Thanks for the quality product at a reasonable price!

  153. Matthew Loren Gore (verified owner)

    Purchased my first ES sling and I am very happy with it! Quality product, easy to adjust, looks great and not a bad price point. If I could suggest any improvements it would just be to offer a padded version of this sling. That would be ????????????!!! Thanks for the AWESOME product!!!

  154. Greg Delaney (verified owner)

    Best sling on the market without a doubt. Buy it and see for yourself.

  155. Brandon S blong (verified owner)

    Nice simple design that works. Multitude of color options. Love my multicam arid.

  156. p_terrenzio (verified owner)

    Great sling. Super slick. Move easily in either direction. Plenty of extra length for wearing over heavy clothing or armor.

  157. Sandy (verified owner)

    I had previously used the HSP sling and the ESD sling is superior! I had liked the ability to go from 1 to 2 point with the HSP, but the ESD is more comfortable and makes it easier to present my weapon system from both the high and low ready. Fast shipping and great customer service. 10/10 would purchase again.

  158. Dave (verified owner)

    Well made and efficiently designed with a minimum of loose ends to flap around when you least want it. Have used many different slings over the years and none are on par with this one. And really like the multi cam black coloring.

  159. Raymond D (verified owner)

    I know there’s a lot of fake reviews online these days, so let me start by saying I’m a real person and this is a real review lol.

    I love this sling. It’s simple and perfect. I was skeptical of some of the plastics parts on it at first, but this stuff is rock solid.

    I’d recommend this sling to anyone, and I’m going to buy a 2nd one as soon as they have the colour I want back in stock.

  160. Anel Palislamovic (verified owner)

    Best Sling on the market hands down. Exceeded my expectations!!!!

  161. Haris (verified owner)

    Great product, gets the job done, this is the third sling I have used various products. Quality is always top notch, I thank you for that and keep doing what you do best!

  162. Dan (verified owner)

    I have tried various slings and this one is it! Slim and doesn’t catch on anything. Have two and will be getting more

  163. Hugh Cornelson (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Minimalist and innovative. Allows quick transition between keeping the rifle tight against you to loose for firing. Extremely fast shipping. Highly recommend.

  164. Eric Cheek (verified owner)

    This is my second sling because I need one on every rifle. Best sling I’ve ever used.

  165. Timothy Neal (verified owner)

    this is my second Edgar Sherman, the first is on a AR carbine, I like it so much I got one for my bolt action 22- great addition for a light weight set up

  166. JM (verified owner)

    Awesome slings – simple, easy to adjust, fabric is comfortable and not overbuilt, and I love the unique camo patterns

  167. tommylemery (verified owner)

    Everyday average Joe Dirt , not an operator. For me , this sling is perfect. Lightweight, slim, great design. It doesn’t have a Lazy Boy pad attached to it……so if you’re the type of shooter who needs that, this isn’t the sling for you. Keep carrying your purse and look elsewhere. If you’re a shooter that is looking for a streamlined designed sling, this is it. Very smooth operation and it comes in Black Camo …win.

  168. Justin (verified owner)

    Awesome sling, I love it so much I bought one for every rifle that potentially will need a sling! It’s very smooth how it tightens or loosens, and I love that when your not using the sling you can secure it in the strap

  169. anthony pileggi (verified owner)

    My first sling, very happy with it and how it feels! The rip cord or adjuster is very easy to use. The length is plenty for a pistol build . Very pleased thank you!

  170. matt lundy (verified owner)

    I have purchased every popular sling out on the market. I have always come back to single-point slings for CQB because most of the 2 point slings are just too bulky. My go-to for 2 point sling for the longest time was the vtac or Frank Procter sling. Now 8 Edgar Sherman slings later it’s the only thing I buy. These slings are simple and offer all the things you need without anything you don’t. The quality and workmanship of the ES slings are the best out there. The sling pull mechanism is better than my Ferro slingster.
    Since moving to the Sherman slings I have yet to find a training class that I needed a single point. When you peel away the “features” that you don’t need and re-think the features that you do; the product provided is fast simple and just works.

  171. Dalton Dey (verified owner)

    The reason for the 4 star review is because nothing is perfect. That being said this is pretty close. I have 6+ ESD slings on rifles now if not more. Great slight. They are durable, look good, function phenomenally, and are self stowing. I did receive some inconsistent slings as far as firmness goes. Some were stiff and rigid and some were noodles. I like both so didn’t bother me at all, just something to note. If I was going to change 1 thing it’d be the pull tab. The open loop can get snagged and turns different directions. This is absolutely a nit pick, not at all a necessary change. Honest critical feedback is how great things like ESD grow. Overall absolute great buy!

  172. John (verified owner)

    Excellent. I heard about this sling from Ronan. It is awesome. Very easy to operate and well made. And it is less expensive than some other popular slings.

  173. Yusmel Manzano (verified owner)

    Love it will be ordering more for my all my ARs. Would definitely recommend.

  174. Michael (verified owner)

    4 stars because I just got it! Really sweet function with this simple but effective style. Love the quick pull and release of it. Once it’s adjusted you are good too go carrying whatever it’s attached to. I use it for work and wish I had it in Fallujah. Delivered in 3 days and I did not expect it to arrive that fast.

  175. Cole (verified owner)

    Extremely simple and effective, best sling I have used. Worth every penny.

  176. Nick Brown (verified owner)

    Enjoying this sling a lot. Simple and easy to use. Will likely order another or two

  177. N bhumber (verified owner)

    Excellent sling. Minimalist, great quality components, nice woodland pattern and easy to utilize and install.
    Highly recommend and I will be purchasing more in the future for other builds.

  178. Clayton Walker (verified owner)

    Clean look and easily maneuverable. Not much more to ask for!

  179. Kirk Peavy (verified owner)

    Excellent product, ease of use for operator, no think bulky sling or sling “bunch up” along the neckline.

  180. Jack (verified owner)

    Best slings in the game.

  181. Robert (verified owner)

    Love my sling- my only complaint is that the band of elastic is starting to fray in the middle. That’s a pretty big bummer since I’ve only had the sling for 5 months on a rifle that spends most of its’ time in my closet.

  182. @Howbouyatn (verified owner)

    Love it! Easy to use, lightweight, well built, and great looks! Liked the sling so much I bought a second one for my Hiney Badger! Keep up the great work!

  183. glinsmo (verified owner)

    Best sling I’ve used yet! Easy install, and operation. Adjusts effortlessly. Will be purchasing more.

  184. Chad Myers (verified owner)

    Quality material and stitching, rugged design. Was fast and easy to install as well as adjust. Once adjusted, it’s super easy to cinch up and down using the pull tab.

  185. Justin (verified owner)

    Simple easy design, works great. Took about 5 minutes to install. Does the job as a good sling should.

  186. Casey Keith (verified owner)

    I’ve only used it in the field once so take this review for that. With that said. I really liked how quickly you can adjust it. I like that it’s small and light weight. I would for sure recommend this sling to any and all shooters.

  187. Cade D (verified owner)

    Bad ass minimal slings. Takes a little modifying to get how I like them and they run flawlessly

  188. Brian Gregory (verified owner)

    I can say with confidence this is the best sling on the market. Simple design, quick, secure adjustment to keep your rifle right where you need it. Nothing fancy, no frills, no gadets…nothing to fail at that critical moment. Simple and secure.

  189. Brandon Thomas (verified owner)

    Best sling I’ve used so far. The best thing i like about it is the smooth pull you feel when adjusting it. It is also very durable it seems as y last one was fraying and fading due to adjusting it. Highly recommend this sling.

  190. Zac (verified owner)

    I have 8 of these ESD slings on my platforms. I really like the simplicity, function, and aesthetic of this product. I have used them on 3 day practical rifle courses for 8 hours per day without failure or discomfort. I would recommend them to everyone that really uses and trains with their platforms. It is also great to support this US brand and company that has brought this solution to the market. I admire and respect what ESD does and has done. Solid product.

  191. D. R. (verified owner)

    BEST SLING 10/10

  192. Brian Gregory (verified owner)

    Best sling on the market. Simple, reliable design. Fast change of position, secure in any position.

  193. Hamilton Hewell (verified owner)

    Material nice and light, but fells well made and premium. Nice quality

  194. Boris Del Cid (verified owner)

    Great quality and concept… only one suggestion, need to have them come already with the quick detachment hardware… of course charge for it. That would make it perfect.

  195. Jason Pine (verified owner)

    Excellent sling, my go to for all my rifles.

  196. Rich I. (verified owner)

    Awesome product!! I’ve been eyeing these for sometime and finally decided it was time. The function of the slide mechanism works beautifully. Now I’m ready to hit the range again to play with it!!!

  197. Chris (verified owner)

    The sling is awesome. I have two now. Just wish I could get more fun patterns like leopard print or zebra or pink or orange or other silly stuff…cause forget tacticool I am on meal team six not seal team six.

  198. DAN HARMON (verified owner)

    It just works ! I will buy another.

  199. Mark Williams (verified owner)

    Watched a review by Kit Badger. I’ve used a vtac and blue force gear padded sling in a local run n gun. Was never pleased. Ordered the ESD. I really like the minimalistic design, pull handle, and ability to stow the sling tight. Been working with it in prep for next run n gun next month.

  200. Jim (verified owner)

    I have ran single point slings on my guns for pretty much my whole career because I never liked any of the two point slings I tried. The ESD Sling changed that! This is the best sling I’ve ever owned and I will be adding to them to all my guns.

  201. Nicholas Rinchiuso (verified owner)

    Absolutely designed with the end user in mind. This is the new go to sling. Great quality and functionality.

  202. Rodney Jones (verified owner)

    Hands down the most comfortable sling I own and have used. Cannot go wrong with this purchase at all. I will not buy any other sling for future guns. Stays tight and close to you when moving and adjusts quick and easy for deployment.

  203. Kyle hoskison (verified owner)

    Come on, slings don’t get better than this. I buy the dam things when I don’t even need one just cause I might want to switch colors.

  204. Randy (verified owner)

    Excellent design. Easily adjusts and functions perfectly. Best sling I have on any carbine. Will be getting more.

  205. Thai (verified owner)

    Excellent design and construction. Best minimalist sling on the market.

  206. Ryan P (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this sling! its minimal durable and yet comfortable. the quick pull is easy to use and easy to find and doesn’t require lot of dexterity to use. I’ve got them now in multiple colors and will continue outfitting my rifles with these.

  207. William boggs (verified owner)

    Best sling on the market

  208. Gary Greiling (verified owner)

    I like this sling a great deal. It sure is superior to the sling I took off my rifle. Without any instructions, illustrations, or suggestions in the mailed package, it took me some trial and error to get it set up as intended. I feel certain I am going to like this sling for a long time to come.

  209. Michael (verified owner)

    I’ve had almost every top brands quick adjust sling (ferro, spiritus, grave, Trex), they were all mainly padded. Thought I’d give a non padded sling a try and now ESD is easily my new favorite sling, the adjuster is sooo smoooth.

  210. Jimmy Ward (verified owner)

    Slings, I have had the all. This one is very slick and I like it a lot. I just which the sling was wider and had a little padding. I have had 3 discs removed from my neck and it would make it more comfortable for me. Nevertheless, I would give it a 5-star rating.

  211. Josh D

    Minimalistic but in a big way! Having had numerous other slings it was a chore to try to size it having multiple different moving pieces. With the design of this sling and it having an obvious pull handle, it takes out any sort of confusion with quick adjustment. I absolutely love this sling!

  212. Dillon (verified owner)

    I never knew how outdated and uncomfortable my older slings were….. This will be the only type I purchase from here on out. Excellent product, I would make zero changes.

  213. Jonathan Lee (verified owner)

    I really like the sling. With the minimalist design, I can use a piece of Velcro One-Wrap to secure it tight along the side of the gun when not in use, then yank on it to deploy the sling. It’s as light as I would imagine you can have a sling with this much functionality be. The plastic hardware wont scratch your gun if you care about that kind of thing. My only gripe is that the adjustment hardware seems to shift a little bit maybe an inch or two under use. Not a big deal, but the lockup could be a little more solid. Overall though, great sling. I thought the lack of a pad would bother me, but it’s comfortable with extended use, especially if you’re wearing a plate carrier and your shoulder straps and plate bags are helping to distribute the weight.

  214. Jacob Garon (verified owner)

    I own 3 and soon to be 2 more of these slings! I love them, they’re constructed with precision and come on….they’re tacticool ppl. Why have it if it don’t look this good too?

  215. Dan C (verified owner)

    This Sling is Simple, Rugged & Effective

    Even though I said rugged above, the attention to detail and the finish are both fantastic! Its a very good looking and feeling product.

    Shipping to the UK was cheap, fast and effective!

    Thanks guys! Will be buying again!

  216. Nader O. (verified owner)

    Got this sling for my Sig Rattler since it’s light and can be folded and secured with its own elastic band when stored. It pairs well with the Blue Force Gear ULoop if you don’t want to use QD attachments. I highly recommend it if you want a sling that doesn’t feel like you’re wearing one.

  217. Matt G (verified owner)

    Lightweight, durable, and easy to adjust on the fly. I’m very impressed with the quality and will definitely continue to run these slings.

  218. Toby Bowen (verified owner)

    Great product. Got mine because a buddy has one, and I really liked it. Would like a bigger thumbnail for the color. The one I picked wasn’t what I expected, but it worked out well.

  219. Zachary Schneider (verified owner)

    Beautiful sling. Always heard good things about Edgar Sherman slings and for the price they are every bit as good as Blue Force Gears options. I chose the Multicam black to go along with a Zpap92 build and it’s an amazing fit for Ar’s and AK’s alike. The pull tab addition is durable and adds a lot more grip than other tightness toggling options. Also adds some serious player points and pure dopeness that isn’t advertised. Get one!

  220. D. House (verified owner)

    Great sling! Shipped fast. I will definitely be back for ESD products.

  221. andrycarlyle (verified owner)

    Best sling I’ve owned so far. Slim but durable easy to maneuver and adjust. Very solid construction. Will be purchasing more with new rifles I purchase.

  222. Bren10 (verified owner)

    Some may say this is a steep price to pay for a simple sling to help one play. I say buy once, cry once and get it right the first time. This is far more than a simple sling. The only sling worth owning anymore IMO. I would also say 1 is none, 2 is 1 and 3 is fun. This is my 4th ESD sling.

  223. RZ (verified owner)

    The sling is easy to adjust, use and all around solid.

  224. Chris R. (verified owner)

    I’ve got a handful of slings from other prominent manufacturers, but the ESD sling is simply the best; my absolute favorite. Lightweight, easy to set up to suit the specific user and weapon, and the quick adjust tab is the fastest and smoothest. Sometimes I wish there were a padded version, but maybe that would compromise what makes the current design so great, so I forget about it. Excellent sling, and at a great price too.

  225. Lee Dixon (verified owner)

    Excellent product, simplicity in design and quality manufacturing. Best sling on the market

  226. etsturftech (verified owner)

    This will replace all of my other slings! Just ordered another one. This sling is everything you need and nothing you don’t. Absolutely thought out for the end user in any situation. You don’t need to buy any extra attachments. Minimalist and perfect in every way! Kudos to ESD!!

  227. cmark1911 (verified owner)

    My favorite. That’s why I have them on all of my long guns.

  228. Dawson Bailey (verified owner)

    These rock, Edgar rocks, everything y’all do rocks.

  229. S.C. (verified owner)

    This is my 3rd ESD sling purchased. Best glide mechanism out there very smooth not finicky like other slings I’ve bought and used I’m sure I will be buying more for upcoming builds. Best sling that works for me.

  230. Willie Van Tassell (verified owner)

    Edgar Sherman is wicked pissah!!! This is my favorite sling. Waiting for the black to come back into stock and will grab 2 more one for my AR-15 and one for my AR-9, I got the Coyote Brown for my AR-10. I live in NC, but was raised in Massachusetts and try to support NE Gun companies and teams! Go Patriots! Go Celtics! Go Red Sox! Go Bruins! Go Revolution!

  231. Ozzy (verified owner)

    This is my second ESD sling, and I really love the minimalist design. I fell in love with these slings at a AHT rifle class, and they have become my sling of choice for my boomsticks.

  232. Steve (verified owner)

    My complete conversion from VTAC slings to the ESD slings is almost complete. So much lighter and smoother to operate.

  233. Brandon Thomas (verified owner)

    My search for a functional and highly QC’d sling is finally over. Extremely smooth webbing, awesome adjustment, the quick adjustment system is well thought out, and the pull tab is designed for thoughtless adjustment. Highly recommend.

  234. David Matthew (verified owner)

    Simplistic, light, tough, comfy, easy to adjust. I love everything about this sling. So glad I chose this over the other brands I have had in the past. Fast shipping and great price.

  235. Willie Van Tassell (verified owner)

    Got my first sling in October 2022 and love it just got two more! One black and the second in Ranger green.

  236. Jeff Moreno (verified owner)

    Great two point sling ! Best one I’ve had in a while ! Definitely looking to get another for my second.

  237. Frank (verified owner)

    Good Gear.
    It’s my second one. Well thought out design.
    Check’s all the boxes. Like the Multi cam Black.

  238. Brad (verified owner)

    Designed perfectly all these five star reviews speak for themselves I wouldn’t change a thing about these slings. I have two and will be putting them on all future rifle purchases

  239. Casey (verified owner)

    Great company, great team, amazing products and overall fantastic people to have apart of the community!

  240. Johnathon G. (verified owner)

    This sling is the real deal and you can adjust to your liking without all the extra unnecessary slack or accessories! This design is slick and simple !

  241. dsrrichter (verified owner)

    Great sling! I am running the Ranger Green with black hardware and the ESD QDs to mount. I own around a dozen slings, this is definitely own of my favorites now. I will be buying another soon.

  242. Dakota C (verified owner)

    I have not had the time to put the sling to hard use yet but so far I am already impressed with it and plan to put one on every rifle I own.

  243. Steve (verified owner)

    Perfectly executed design. Simple, lightweight, neat and fast. Stores away cleanly and deploys immediately. No worries about getting the sling caught in my patrol car when I try to deploy my rifle. Adjustments are lightning fast and easy, using only gross motor skills. Couldn’t be happier.

  244. Michael B. (verified owner)

    Super minimal, yet just enough. Adjustments with the pull tab are super buttery (compared to the Vickers 221 I used before). The paracord guides in combination with some Q sling devils is perfect (I need to remove the sling for competitions). Couldn’t be happier.

  245. James Cheung (verified owner)

    Highly recommended, esp for AOR 1.

    Sling is fit for purpose and function. Practical, Simple and aesthetically pleasing. Prompt shipping as well.

    Very satisfactory product overall.

  246. John (verified owner)

    I was worried about how easy it is to operate, although the “videos” make it look easy. Super simple and functional. Every feature is just as they describe. I will be buying another they are that good.

  247. Rick (verified owner)

    After looking at 100s of slings I went with this one. No fancy nonsense and no bullshit. A slim, streamlined sling that works. Exactly what I wanted.

  248. Travis Rosenberg (verified owner)

    Very quality sling. Slim and minimal. I love the black multicam color and overall a very well made simple sling.

  249. Tyler (verified owner)

    If you want a non-padded sling, these are literally the best. Don’t look anywhere else. I bought one, all my friends bought em, coworkers are buying them now. Local NH business and they know what’s up.

  250. Ben (verified owner)

    There are certainly better “long distance” slings, I E. Heavily padded Patrol slings. But, for the intended purpose as I see it (minimalist go-fast tactical sling), there’s nothing close. These slings as re so carefully thought out, of such high quality, so smooth in operation – they’re just absolutely impossible to beat for the price. If you’re intention is 10 mile walks without shoulder sling gear, this isn’t the sling for you. If kicking a door in at 5:00 a.m. on a Thursday, or needing an immediate response defensive weapon that needs to be sling – this is at the very top of the pyramid, bravo Edgar Sherman Slings.

  251. Todd (verified owner)

    Not as wide as I’m used to … though the width was in the description, but very easy to use this is is a quality sling from the smooth movement to the tab to tighten and loosen . As soon as they come ba l in stock I’m buying a couple more

  252. John (verified owner)

    I have 2 of these now. Will get one for each new build. Fast, sturdy and ready to go.

  253. John Matrix (verified owner)

    Sling is awesome! Great quality and works great. The packaging for shipment is a different story. It was in a box with no wrapper no label no tag or anything, just thrown in a box and the decal I ordered was loose in the box to rattle around with the sling and it got bent. Just a decal I understand but I wish it would’ve been packaged better.

    • Brett

      Thank you for leaving a review! We appreciate both the input on our sling and your critique of our packaging process. The team is now working on creating a better method of shipping our more fragile items and improving the overall experience!

  254. Ben F (verified owner)

    Researched pretty much all slings for weeks. Was overwhelmed. Then I watched Ed’s video and was sold because of the thought out into the design. I bought the black camo. Sling arrived quickly and I attached it using paracord (brilliant idea Ed—and silent). Looks fantastic. Works flawlessly. Slide is quick and easy. All of my friends want one. I won’t purchase another. If you’re on the fence- trust me…this is a fantastic sling.

  255. C B (verified owner)

    I’ve used a lot of 2 point slings over the years but this ESD sling combined with the Paracord Guide is the best setup by far. Easy adjustment. No metal friction mechanism that could get jammed up with mud/debris. Easy installation, silent hardware, and the ability to stowe to itself without having to add extra stuff to your rifle *chef’s kiss*

  256. Paul (verified owner)

    Love it!

  257. TL (verified owner)

    All i can say is yes. This thing is absolutely perfect. Puts any other sling to absolute shame. I will be ordering more of these.

  258. Tony Rose (verified owner)

    Amazing piece of kit tech. Don’t think much about a sling till it’s done right and Edgar has done this right. Well thought out, well designed and flawlessly executed.

  259. Karl Royal (verified owner)

    Great sling. Have used VTAC and Vickers slings in the past but this sling tops both. Really good design, smooth. I love the sewn in elastic to stage the sling… No need for a sentry strap anymore. Will be buying more for sure.

  260. Jake (verified owner)

    Dope ass sling. Third one I’ve bought and will continue!

  261. Kyle (verified owner)

    I had been running condor slings until a coworker turned me on to the ESD. Nothing wrong with my condor, but the simple design and ease of use of the ESD, it will definitely be my go to out of the safe. Ended up buying a few more to round out my collection. 100% would recommend and buy again.

  262. Logan (verified owner)

    I liked the first sling so much I got a second! One on my Q Fix and one on my Mini Fix. I use them both for hunting and they’re awesome. Climbing up and down a treestand, busting brush, and dropped in the mud they’ve been through the wringer and keep on going. I can’t recommend the ESD sling enough!

  263. Hayden (verified owner)

    Was actually surprised at the quality and the ease of functionality with this sling. About as comfortable as a sling can get as well. Definetely would recommend this as a good purchase. 10/10

  264. Larry Dotson (verified owner)

    Heard about Edgar Sherman Design slings from a former Green Beret and he recommended 2-point slings. Glad I found out about these slings because they are the best! Very happy I can always come back to Edgar Sherman Design and look no where else! I love this company so much and thank you Mr. Edgar Sherman! Thank you for your service!

  265. Jireh Gonzalez (verified owner)

    Amazing product. I’ve been looking for a sling for a while. Easy to adjust on the move, highly recommended and I told a couple of my military brothers about it..

  266. Lance Hagan (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, fast shipping and a fair price. There is plenty of adjustment and it just all makes sense. I would recommend this purchase to anyone on the fence about it.

  267. WayneST10 (verified owner)

    Pretty nice and very comfortable.
    Perfect. Absolutely sick! 10/10.

  268. Jarrett (verified owner)

    Best sling out there. Slim, comfortable, works as supposed to, no bullshit. I’ll be ordering more in the near future.

  269. Eric Davis (verified owner)

    I wanted something like my slingsters that was more lightweight and no bulky metal hardware to beat up my optics or make the godawful ping noise off the receiver and still be just as fast to adjust and thats exactly what this is. It’s FAST , its silent and the pull tab is always pronounced so literally even a blind man can instinctively find it but not enough to snag itself. This sling is also s incredibly light weight, at a mere 2.5 oz for the absolute perfect lightweight no bulk sling for your pcc and sbr builds. If you’re lookin at this vs a padded sling, man up and just buy the esd 👍if its a super heavy long barrel or 308 auto monstrosity maybe then you can justify a padded.

  270. Gregory Bodiford (verified owner)

    Simple and easy to this sling rigged up! The video about installing was spot on as well! Honestly, this is one of the best slings on the market!!

  271. Bob (verified owner)

    Best AR sling I’ve found. Paracord attachments are a great bonus option for an already great sling.

  272. Thomas A. (verified owner)

    By far the best sling design I’ve ever used. The only sling I will suggest to anyone.

  273. Brandon S. (verified owner)

    I purchased this sling to replace my camera sling. It’s comfortable, versatile, and it looks great! I recommend the ESD paracord guides, they were extremely easy to setup and they’re just genius.

  274. Gunboii (verified owner)

    Best sling in the game, hands down! Great customer service and crew as well!

  275. Brandon Thomas (verified owner)

    I keep trying other slings but always come back to the ESD Sling!

    • Brett

      Glad to hear that! Thank you for the kind words!

  276. Mike (verified owner)

    My 4th sling from Edgar Sherman. Simply the best, and I do appreciate the added keeper tab! This time in wolf grey which is a sweet color.

  277. KJ Graham

    I have 3 paracord ties with climbing knots are unbeatable in my opinion, qds are great . Love the simplicity of it and would hate to not have a back up. The third one I modified slightly for for an adjusted one point for my short x95 I rarely use the 1 point but when I do, because the weight of the tavor is in the back it’s very quick to sights and doesnt interfere with any of the two point function. Just got an AR 12G why save money and use QDs….well what if I want to carry all the guns at the same time for cul-de-sac patrol on Monday and Wednesday nights?

  278. John Capozzi (verified owner)

    Well made, slim, adjustments are quick and easy, both for initial sizing and once slung. Sling keeper means you’ll always have a tidy weapon when it’s stowed, but the sling is ready to use in an instant.

  279. JUSTIN SCHROLUCKE (verified owner)

    Great sling. I received my order quickly, and it was exactly what I expected.

  280. TK (verified owner)

    When it comes to slings this is by far the most intuitive, and adaptable one I have used. I would not hesitate to purchase again, in stock, reasonably priced, and fast shipping .

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