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USASOC Sniper Competition

The U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School hosted the U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) International Best Sniper Competition on March 18-22, and the ESD Team made their way to Fort Liberty for the event. While at Fort Liberty the ESD team got the opportunity to meet with end users and competitors to gather knowledge and information and reunite with friends. Over the three days, the team met with professional end users and industry partners.

In 2009 USASOC hosted its very first Sniper competition with the intent of challenging their Snipers to continue to strive for success in all aspects of combat. From 2010 to today the competition is open to all Sniper Teams within the Special Operations Command, Department of Defense, Multiple Law Enforcement Agencies, and International Partners. During the Five days, 20 teams of Snipers completed 23 events that challenged a team’s ability to work together engaging various targets at various distances for speed and accuracy in different types of environments. 

This year’s winner was the team from 3rd Special Forces Group. The French Team finished in second and 10th Special Forces Group was in 3rd place.

While the competitors were putting on a masterclass of marksmanship the ESD team got to set up shop and get face to face with end users and industry partners. Speaking with Edgar about this compared to previous years he mentioned a 20%-30% increase in foot traffic through the ESD spaces with all having solid feedback in some way, shape, or form. Meeting with end users ranged from end users providing feedback on soon-to-be-released products to collaborating with industry partners to move our whole industry in a better direction.

The ESD Team is looking forward to returning to Fort Liberty for the 2025 United States Army Special Operations Command International Sniper Competition


In the photo above you can see an ESD Sap bucket in Multicam being used by one of the snipers in the competition. Photo Courtesy of U.S. Army by K. Kassens DVIDS

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