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We strive to create products that solve problems and enhance the equipment our end users need. In this process, we test gear designed by other manufacturers, and when we discover products that solve problems really well rather than copying or replicating someone else’s design we promote it and sell it. Standard buffer tube retaining pins are a weak point in the AR/M4 weapon system that when broken create a catastrophic failure should you need to field strip your AR/M4 that’s hard to repair in the field. Rather than risking such failures, we choose to invest in a product that reduces that risk to as close to zero as possible.

The Leitner-Wise G2 Heavy Duty Buffer Retainer has a precisely angled strike face that corresponds to the vertical plane of the buffer assembly giving a greater area of surface contact. The impact of the buffer weight although in theory should be minimal is displaced over a greater surface area and because of how the pin is designed it is able to withstand any impact, unlike a traditional buffer retaining pin.  The G2 heavy-duty buffer retaining pin is also a great addition to any LAW Tactical folding stock as when folded your buffer system is exposed. Lastly, we choose to use this upgraded buffer retaining pin as its larger footprint makes for easier depression of the pin with and without gloved hands. Simply put, these are the last retaining pins you will ever need to buy.

  • CNC Swiss Screw Machined
  • 4140 steel
  • Black Ferratic Nitride Surface Treatment
  • Rotation Inhibited
  • Self-Centering
  • Larger surface area for finger contact
  • Brand: Leitner-Wise
  • US Patent No: 10,197,347

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1 review for G2 Heavy Duty Buffer Retainer

  1. Garrett Hodge (verified owner)

    These G2 detents can take a beating and stay intact. The design aids in no shearing off like stock buffer detents can and do. I’ve used these buffer detents in 6 builds so far and 2 more will be done this year~ I have made the G2 my GoTo for Buffer Detents now, full confidence they will do the job and not fail. No matter the round count

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